Monday, March 14, 2011

Give It Me Back My Hour Father TIme

I sure can use it..badly. Please Please Please with some sugar or if your cautious stevia on top. :). I know I could ask till I'm blue in the face but at least I gave it a shot..Doesn't hurt to try

Oh my head hurts. Too much information for my pretty little head yesterday. Lots of paperwork and lecturing. I curious to see when I'm going to do my clinical. I have to spend a few days in the ER and the ambulance. I was lucky to get my BDUs yesterday in Indy. Thank you to the ladies at US Uniform and Supply on Delaware, they took good care of me with my pants. I arrived yesterday and was blown away by my room, its bigger than my apartment back home. Very nice and its like I live in a little village. I'm on the second floor and have a balcony. I love its just like home. The sheets smell like snuggle products which smells divine. King sized bed with huge pillows. Can't beat that. AHHHH..if only I could relax now. LOL I will post some pictures of it here in a few days. Very cute, for my liking. I am so thankful to Iron Pit gym. WOW WOW WOW. Century suites is the way to go. We were so busy today and its going to get worse. I ran out of there when we got done and headed over to roadhouse. I was starving. I love gift certificates. I ordered a porterhouse with green beans and a sweet potato. yummy.  I talked to the manager about cooking my chicken for me and they were very nice about taking care of the chicken. Going to run by Iron Pit Gym tomorrow. One of the owners competed in a few Indiana bodybuilding shows back in the day. I thought that was cool. they really made my day with my living arrangements. I can't stop saying thank you. :)

I want to see David Lee Roth in concert. Anyone know where or even if he is still playing gigs? I'm listening to the 80s channel lol. I love the song Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood. So 80s. My eyes hurt from all the reading. I didn't sleep last night as I was so excited about the class. I felt it today as my eyes got very tired lol. I have a great instructor and he is very clear when he explains stuff. He likes to cuss in class LOL. We have a quiz tomorrow....oh joy

Lastly no matter what you throw at me I still feel the same, call me cookoo for cocoa puffs but this is real I never experienced anything like it. This is where Lionel Richie comes in and then I puke lol.