Tuesday, March 8, 2011


SOOOOOOOO MUCH Bunny! **MUAH** ep I cry over my dog and missed her very much while I was away.
Me and My best friend wanted to say hello to our blog readers. I know its a lot of pictures but I'm distracting you while I upload the big fish Cruise pictures in the mean time. I did launch a facebook fan page for Bunny this morning, we will see how that takes off. I called the EMT school this morning a few more days till Bloomington and I get to meet my friends at Iron Pit gym. I will be so thrilled after these next two weeks are over it will be time for another vacation. Charleston baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know beyond my adventures and all these other things I still wonder and think. There's nothing wrong with that is there? The cruise really was a wonderful experience and I gained a lot from it. It opened me up to new things and new ventures. Let me say that when you experience a spark or connection in whatever it is you do or what not. Take hold of it and hold it close to you, make the best of it. Better yet think outside the box and don't worry about obstacles around you. I say go for it, go with your gut and most importantly your heart. Trust me on this. Some people don't ever get to experince certain things as they look to much for it. People focus too much on the negative and I say turn it into a positive. follow your heart, as it will guide you.