Monday, March 14, 2011

peeping in

real quick. I will blog tonight. I have a busy night ahead of me. Today was a great day and will go into that later this evening. I have a huge test tomorrow..YUK! My teacher today reminded me a lot of  my friend Walt. He is so funny and has a dry sense of humor. I was sitting next to this older man who is taking the class for the military and he is a straight shooter so anyway. The teacher said that we have a test tomorrow and the guy says "HOLY S**T" so the teacher said back " you are correct sir. yo just have to be there for his humor. Another great teacher like the one I had yesterday. I had no idea how expensive stethoscopes are lol. I have to buy one soon here and a good one cost about a couple hundred dollars. He recommended Lipman brand.

heres a story from my cruise. I was coming back from San Juan and goign to my room well I walk up the stairs and these two guys are walkign torwards me. I notice the one guy had a shirt on that said "I love nerds" not the candy either. LOL. SO I said " I liek your shirt" The guy then proceeds to take it off his body and give it to me. I was like WOW, but then told to keep it lol. It was nice of him to offer me the shirt off his back :). Nerds rock. Talking about holy s**t. When I was at the piano bar a few times to watch Ron Pass perform. I remember that every time a person would come in he would say "Look whos here" then everyone in the room would say "Holy S**t, come on in". It was hilarious as nobody walking in was expecting that and then there were those that immediately walked out when that was said lol. I guess those people needed to lighten up a little. The look on their faces was priceless.

I will blog more tonight
....miss you