Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friends, Melting Cake, the Cats Meow, & the Carnival Stalker..Oh My

Me trying to play with the phone again. Sometime I will figure it out.

Of course I'm trying to be cool in the gym on the ship. lighting doesn't help lol

One of my favorite signs I ran across on this trip was..............

Around this time I would be taking a stroll around the track feeling the fresh ocean air hitting my face. Then I would head over to the platinum dining room for breakfast which was Instead this morning I'm settling for a dose of Val Kilmer in the movie "At First Sight". I got off the boat yesterday around 7:11am and that was great timing as sometimes it can be later which is fine as I am in no rush.

Along my voyage, I saw people who I remembered from previous cruises and then those who remembered me. It always amazes me. I was on the Dream last year as John Heald was the Cruise Director and there was this man he called out in the audience and picked on. I will never forget it as they call him "Big Ed", well that week it was him and his wife's anniversary. John made Ed do silly things throughout the cruise and in the end awarded him with gifts for his wife. It was hilarious as Ed was dancing etc. You just had to be there to see it to understand. Well low and behold him and his wife was here for the Bloggers Cruise as they are good friends with John. Ed put together his Evil crew members to play evil tricks on John LOL ..Kidding. Later in the cruise we had karaoke or Saturday Night Live night. Everyone in that room got on stage to sing and yes I was one of them. Ed got pulled up there and had a big golden ship on a stick as his bling. He was rapping the song "baby got back" lol. It was great. Ed is one of the nicest people to meet and so funny. Here's big Ed :)

Another person I ran into this time as I was getting off the boat in Grand Turk. I heard someone say hey Isabelle. I looked and remembered him, but couldn't think of the boat I saw him on. then he said he remembered me from the Freedom. His name is Chaz and later that evening he came by my table doing some magic tricks for me as he is a magician. I found out he used to be a pro bodybuilder and that this was his last contract and he was going into clinical nutrition. I wish him the best on his journey.

I will take some time today to start part of my Carnival Glory review.

Glory in Grand Turk
Trust me it will be a long one. My Carnival Legend Blog is number one for hits and hopefully this one will top the cake. Speaking of cake here is Carnivals Number one dessert better known as the sealing the deal besides the ice cream of course is there chocolate melting cake.

I have several funny stories and I don't make this stuff up. You know Leo my Bengal is a cute and cuddly cat but when he is mad or wants to make a statement he will let you know. Leo is very smart and knows whats up when I'm going somewhere. When I was packing my suitcase before leaving for my cruise. I left my suitcase open in my room as I was thinking what to bring etc. I don't pay mind to Leo when I am here as him and pookie do thier thing. So I had finally packed my bag and didn't bother to look inside it as it was pretty much ready to go but had those last minute items I may want to bring. When I unpacked my suitcase on the ship. You will not believe what was in my suitcase mixed in with my panties. I kid you not as again I don't make this stuff up. He pooped in my suitcase where I had my panties stored. No Joke. So someone was paying $3.00 a load to wash their clothes lol. I think like my one incident if you remember my high heels, hes letting me know he loves me. Boys have a funny way of showing you how they love you. Pay attention to the little things as they mean something LOL.

Another story is one fine morning in the Lido Deck or the Red Sail Restaurant. I had just finishing breaking a sweat at the gym, so I went and wanted to have some ice tea and a few other goodies. It was early in the morning mind you. So there was this young man peeping me otherwise eyeballing me. I went on my way and payed no mind. No one was in the restaurant as far as guest so I put my drink and my breakfast down on the table. He immediately sat down in the table next to mine lol. So I got my drink and my banana and went walking up the stairs to the Emerald Steakhouse just to see what it looked liked. Sure enough he followed me. Everywhere I went he went. I could feel the eyeballing even harder at this point and I knew he wanted to make eye contact. Now I saw this gentlemen a few days before and he came into the gym without a t-shirt on to workout. I was doing abs and got distracted as he seriously came in like "I'm the king of the world and I'm going to own this gym". I guess the staff told him to put his shirt on and he walked out and came back in with a shirt. Oh boy so this is the same person I saw before. It was a riot. I went back to lido again as I was thirsty and was eyeballing a cream cheese pastry. Then he makes the comment " these look so good, just beautiful" I didn't make eye contact but I smiled and said they sure do. Then I walked off. of course I saw him here and there on the ship and he was my special Carnival friend.
John Heald is launching a new design on his Blog which should launch on Monday and pretty soon he is coming out with some ringtones for your phone. The new blog design is awesome and you will love it. One of the funny things is when you click on his site and scroll over his picture a thinking cloud comes up and you can see whats on his mind like Megan Fox's bottom,Cigars, Astin Martins and even spotted dick (British sponge pudding) We also got the honor to hear one of Johns new ringtones. Pretty funny if you know John and his humor.

For now
The end.

I will post bits and pieces stay tuned. Oh one more thing. VOTE VOTE VOTE on the upper right hand corner of my blog as I am going to get 3 Colts jerseys for this new season. So help me pick. Thanks.
Some pictures when I was seeing my family in Orlando before I went on my voyage. Me and Erica being super silly as always......



after lol

of course then mom tries to chime in

And yes another cruising picture. I loved driving that stang.