Friday, March 11, 2011

Carnival Glory with TONS of pictures

I sailed on the Carnival Glory on February 27th. It was a special cruise as it was Carnivals Senior Cruise Director John Healds Bloggers Cruise 4. I was introduced to the British Comedian a few years ago and had the privilege of sailing with him on the Carnival Dream last year in February. When I found out John Heald was doing a bloggers cruise I was all over it. I had an opportunity a while back to sail on the Carnival Glory and passed due to scheduling. Wish I didn't but in a way happy I did as this was a great cruise with many wonderful cruise adventurers

The Carnival Glory was built July 19th 2003 and was given a facelift (refurbished) in 2006. The Glory is 110,000 gross ton and holds 2,974 guest. Some of you may be wondering what is "gross ton (GT)" or "gross registered tonnage (GRT)". Its not about the weight but the size that matters. Gross registered ton is the measurement of volume,space capacity better know as the revenue-producing areas of the ship. One registered ton is equal to a volume of 100 cubic feet. The more gross tonnage the more luxurious the ship such as more room for entertainment venues, alternative dining, activities, shopping, etc. and so...........

The journey begins.

Carnival offers transfers from the airports close by to the ports. It helps with making your voyage a more relaxing one. A one way transfer from  Miami airport (MIA) to the port is $16, and from Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) is $30. I did the Miami airport transfer to the port as if I had taken a cab ride it would have cost me $25-30 bucks.  It was a smooth ride to the port from Miami and the driver was pretty funny and told us a few jokes about luggage being heavy as they people packed there whole house and then he told us a joke about some woman coming down the side and her bikini top came off and parents were covering the kids eyes etc. Not many people responded to his joke lol. He also stressed that people tip the driver ha ha. Once we landed at port you take your luggage to the porter where they will take your bag to be x-rayed. Then you proceed to check in were you will receive your personalized sign and sail card. Your sign and sail card is your boarding card which identifies you as a Carnival guest and it is used for onboard purchases on the ship with a credit card or cash deposit. Its a very convenient way to buy things on the ship. No worries about spending cash on the ship except in the casino and tips for bar staff, waiters, stewards, etc. To read more on Carnival sign and sail cards you can go here

There will hand you a map of the ship which will be very handy getting around. Check in was a breeze as there were no lines and no wait. Sweet! Once you check in the photographers will be greeting you around the corner to take your picture. Once on board the ship you will see crew members in red t-shirts that say "just ask". They will be your guides and help you throughout the ship. This is a great time to take advantage of purchasing shore excursions as some of them sell out fast. Another thing around this time is you can stop by the Golden Restaurant or the Platinum and see about your assigned dinning. I did the anytime dinning as I found it convenient but I came in a set time as I have reserved a table. The one thing on peoples mind mainly is food. Carnival is known for their good food. The one thing you will notice on these cruises is your always eating. lol. Food is everywhere. So once on board and if your hungry head over to the Red Sail Restaurant on deck 9 Lido where they have the buffet, as well as the grille, and then the mongolian grill ( a must try). If your wanting to go to your room usually its available after 1:30 pm. I will say soon as I boarded ship, the rooms were ready and my luggage was already on my floor waiting for me. That was fast!! :)
The ship sets sail around 4pm and you usually have at latest 3:30pm to board the ship.
Here are some of the views you will see from the ship in Miami.   It was a cloudy day as you can see

Then around the ship you will see people relaxing on chairs and drinking the special drink of the day. 

The Carnival Valor was also there too that day. Other Carnival ships out of Miami is the Destiny and Imagination

it is mandatory to do the muster drill which you don't need to wear a lifejacket like you used to. On your sign and sail card their will be a letter on there and that is your muster station. The only downfall to this is that you may be waiting for a while as some people take their time getting to their muster station.

Now when I arrived to my room there was the Bloggers activities for the week ..Yeah!

I loved the blue at night very romantic


Here is an idea of how it will be on days in port, depending on the port. its nice as there is no lines for the buffet and also you can find a deck chair and relax.

The newest ship from Disney that launched in January the Disney 

Here is the Serenity/Spa Deck another Carnival treat it is located at the forward of the ship and has two decks

More pictures of the Red Sail Restaurant this is the 2nd level where you can order fish and chips, calamari, oysters, ceviche, etc.

Are you thirsty Carnival has Ice tea and Lemonade along with coffee, hot chocolate, and hot is what you can expect at the breakfast buffet

Deli and Burrito bar are also available. I really love the theme of the ship too, Very cool 
24 hour Ice cream on the ship and 24 hour pizza

To Nassau we go 

Look at the beautiful horses of Nassau. I'm being sarcastic here. This is one of the things that bothers me when I come to the island

Looking for free internet Via Cafe offers free wifi for thier customers. Very nice cafe and great food
As soon as you come out of the shops from the dock the cafe is right across the street
Some of there to go items

This guy kept on playing the same song over and over and I ased him to play the Rocky theme after I gave him money and he had no idea what I was talking about lol

If you want to take a ferry boat there are ferries waiting and you will be bothered. If you want a good walk you can walk over the bridge to Atlantis. Its a good walk, and it not then you can take a taxi or ferry
Want a starfish or a conch shell to take back home they got it waiting for youLooking for a deal try the straw market located right next to Senior Frogs. This is a must stop. Good food great atmosphere and yes good drinks.
I always like the chairs here
Right outside Senior Frogs
look its the skipper
a must try is the rum cake as it is very good and loaded with rum. Warning can be addictive. There are free samples in the store.
Here are more pictures from the cafe I was telling you about earlier along with the menus
Beautiful at night 

Red Sail Restaurant again
The Famous Steakhouse on the ship the Emerald

Part of the gym onboard. Carnival is known for having great spas and a great fitness facility

big sized showers in the gym

the sauna, steam, and massage rooms

the casino where you will spend a little cash  and make some too :)
Creams is were you can enjoy gourmet coffee and desserts

O2 teenagers/kids hangout

Here below is were you come to have sushi..very good and a must tryI settled for tuna balls lol which was good.

White Heat dance club. Carnival may do away with the dance clubs on the ships and turn them into a another venue where people can listen to music like country, 
jazz, etc..The club on the inside is pretty nice and I love the chairs

Cinn-a-bar..the piano bar

Right outside the piano bar are these cute chairs
This is part of the blue bar where they do karaoke
the promenade and yes there is an atm on the ship :)
On the green sports bar. Where you can smoke a cigar as your not allowed anywhere else on the ship

Its tea time and I joined in.
Very relaxing setting in the Burgundy bar for tea time and they serve you nice pastries too.

The view from the atrium elevators. 
Lido Breakfast is nice but I would try the dinning room breakfeast its great and you don't have to worry about standing in line. 

For the dining room breakfeast every morning they will be sure to have on display the morning drink specials for you too. *wink

More chair hog photos..gotta love these people
Our first sea day  it rained off and on and then we had sunshine for the Mixology contest which Stormin Norman won making his drink Johnnys Underpants and when asked what was in it he said crap. lol

Then theres the hairy chest competition which Dr. Phil won. :)
many people on the cruise where from cruise critic,  Ron Pass fans, cruise mates and here was a group called cruisin with my peeps.
There is always a live band for your music pleasure 
Always wondered about a tattoo, well they a person who can give you a temporary tattoo on the ship

Always a live band somewhere on the ship :) This is is right across from the casino

I found the secret to the Towel animals lol. These were on the stewards carts. Everyday your room will be cleaned 2x a day and a night you will be given chocolate, the schedule for the next day and your steward will make you a towel animal every night. :)

Here is a sample menu from the main dining room. I loved the food and the wait staff. On this 7 day cruise there is two formal nights and one of those nights is lobster :) which is usually the first formal night. 

I had my first Ron Pass experience. He is Carnivals top piano bar player and is in very high demand. People cruise just for Ron like they do with John Heald. I met some wonderful Ron Pass fans and made some great friends

When we Landed in St. Thomas we were greeted by NCLs newest ship the Epic. Remember how I talked about gross registered tonnage or gross ton. This ship is 153,000 gross ton and looks like a huge box on the sea.  

I  love the views in St. Thomas

The Royal Carribbean Freedom of the Seas coming into port

Here is the famous Super yacht CakeWalk

Cakewalk will be the largest yacht to be built in the US since the 1930s. The magnificent superyacht’s modern classic design echoes the timeless elegance of motor yachts from American yachting’s golden era. For more information on this super yacht check out

Bloggers Blackbeards Tour 

you start with a tour of the rum factory and then wander into museums of amber and historic houses. beware the stairs are steep and not for those who have bad knees. 
some of the views from Blackbeards 
Jack Sparrow 
They serve lunch and have a pool where you can cool off and relax

I'm walking down the street and then I see this man in a outfit. I had to get a picture. He noticed me and then asked me to come to his shop called spectrum. I did and then he tried to sell me a necklace. lol I turned him down
It was time to board the ferry back to the Glory
The RC Freedom of the Seas and the Glory behind her
Senior Frogs In St. Thomas

The Cakewalk at night. Gorgeous yacht
You can never go wrong with tiramisu from the main dining room

You can decorate  your door on the cruise ship if you like and will see these here and there  

San Juan

More pictures of the serenity deck while we were in San Juan

Here is what gives you your internet, phone and tv access via satellite on the ship through MTN communications

Make sure you check the signs before getting off the boat so you are aware of when to be back on board the ship

Got a glimpse of the Gloden girls and here is Dorothy in the rainbow shirt. Sweet ladys. We were trying to grab a elevator down to the gangway.

Here is San Juan terminal and everyone is waiting around for thier excursions. This is were you would come for the cruise ships out of San Juan such as the Victory

They have Starbucks :)
If you are cruising out of San Juan there is a Sheraton right across the stree from the terminal and they have a great burger joint inside.

The bounty

Tonight there was a party on deck
I didn't know what he was wearing and relized he rolled up his shorts lol
These coconut heads can be used as piggy banks. 

My favorite the Mongolian grill
Leaving San Juan

Grand Turk
we got there it was partially sunny and then it started pouring down rain in grand turk and all you can do is make the best of it.
Of course I had breakfast before heading over

Rain go away
In the womens bathroom it used to be a mens bathroom and they had urinals in there....gross
The Ruby Princess has pulled in
Margarittaville the hotspot to chill and relax in beautiful Grand Turk which also has a big pool
Plenty of places to lay out on the beach
 cautious of the rocky bottoms at Grand Turk

Need your hair braided

Cruise Center security is watching you :)

Dinner in the evening, escargot, cherry bing soup and among many other nice entrees
 Another silly Chair hogger

Need your clothes washed, they have laundry rooms on each deck at 3.00 a load

And now some towel animals

Barney in his underpants

The cruise ended on a fantastic note. On the last night everyones getting ready with packing their luggage and disembarkation. You can do self assist where you carry your own bags off the ship, Luggage express, Getting off by zone, and if your vip you already have the privilege of getting first off the ship, you also have Early flight option is you have a early flight that morning. I got of the boat at 7:11 in the morning. Talk about good stuff.

I will post more pictures later but I had a wonderful time and would do it all over again