Saturday, March 12, 2011

Don't Count Me Out...... :)

 I owe a huge "THANK YOU" to my fans and to those special people who support me no matter what and know I don't give up easy. I am a go getter ad a fighter and ALWAYS will be. Don't count me out me yet, I've invested too much time and hardwork. It takes that one little thing to give you a push, an edge, a drive, the spark, to fuel my fire. God has blessed me with many talents and one of them being a superior athlete. Being a bodybuilder and I know I'm not saying professional as I view myself like every other bodybuilder, weightlifter, or the average person who wants to be fit. Yes I'm a pro but it hasn't changedd me as I'm the same person and I'm humble lol. With my athletic talent I have been able to inspire, motivate, help people achieve thier dreams, share my positve feelings and success, and lastly share my talent with others. There's no way I'd give that up as I love to help people and give them the things I never had and then some. You know share the love. Thats me and thats just the way I am. On the cruise I met so many wonderful and happy go lucky people. It was awesome. One of the best experiences ever. I came back home with a stronger heart, a greater zest of life, and even a more bubbly personality. I was reborn again. I can't express how incredible my experience was. It enhanced my senses. woot woot :) I'm going to give my fans and supporters a real treat this year. You will see. When I come back I come back strong with a force. One of my favorite Star Wars qoutes "A Jedi's strength flows from the Force and a Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind" -Yoda. Consider me a Jedi :) In life and in this sport you have to have very thick skin. If you have thin skin consider yourself asking for trouble. Don't Take Life So Seriously. It Isn't Permanent.

Moving forward...

I went to the fire house last night to get recert for cpr. I had fun and if your good they give out candy LOL. Sunday starts my hands on EMT training. I'm really excited about it. I will keep you all posted with my blog. I think the one thing that is going to be hard to bear is my pets as they are my kids and I love them so much. I'm there momma :)

Yesterday at Starbucks I got a free coupon for a any type of beverage I wanted as I burned my tongue from the coffee I ordered as I asked for kids temperature. That was a bonus, not the burned tongue but the coupon as I love thier coffee and its strong lol. It's early and I need to get ready for the gym and before I go there I have to rinse off the car. till later