Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nuts about Pictures

I always love taking those unique things you just don't usually see. Here is Mike one of the Evil Crew members for the bloggers cruise. Super sweet guy. Check out his hat. You think he likes cruising? :)

and back

Its a lot of work going through pictures and posting as my final count of pictures is over 1100. I have put myself in the first time or potential first time cruisers shoes and took pictures of things that the typical 1st timer may think about. One thing I can share with you that is pretty cool is that on every cruise ship on Carnival has a tradition where they palce a silver dollar on the ships last deck which is said to bring the ship luck. I asked guest services and they said they stopped doign that on the newer ships, well I then asked Jorge the cruise dicector who is so funny. He is one of the original Three Amigos that toured with Carlos Mencia. He has 6 more weeks before he retires and moves with his wife to New Zealand to start a family. Best wishes to Jorge as he and John are both very good cruise directors. Well not many people are aware of the coins but I had to see this for myself and did my scavenger hunt and it was hard to find lol and finally I got lucky. So this is a thing that I now do on the cruise ships.

Here is one of my many towel hogs pictures. Notice the empty deck chairs and peoples belongings on them. This picture was taken around 8:00 am in the morning lol and it already got started.

here is NCl newest ship the Epic. It reminded me of a HUGE box on the sea. I hear its breathtaking inside the ship and very good entertainment. She is suppose to cater well to the solo cruisers like me.

Got to see the Disney Dream which I was suppose to sail on in January but other things up on short notice. *wink Beautiful ship and the see through tubes on both sides of the ship are awesome. I met a few people who cruised in her and said she was a gorgeous ship. These people also sailed on the Queen Mary 2 and did the transatlantic and the welcoming of the Queen Mary in New York.Thats on my list too.. :)

I didn't mean to keep you hanging on my blog yesterday. I had some things I needed to sort out and I wanted to spend some time with Bunny and the gang as I missed them very much. Bunny is so sweet. I absolutley love her. I made her a facebook page this morning and had also thought about making a facebook page for my blog. Thats debatable though. I went and worked out yesterday and had a good decent back workout despite my forearm tighting up here and there. I've been asked about my contest preparation and that I will keep you posted on. All I can say is summer. I have a great coach lined up and excited about that as they are really good and we click well. Its spring break for the college students as I can workout and get around equipment. In the first week of April we have spring break for the youngsters. Busy times and chi ching chi ching. I know I'm going cruising again next month as I made a promise I have to keep and I think I will take my sister on the next one as she couldn't go on this last one. My friend would love her. Alaska is calling my name as I always wanted to see the northern lights and maybe a polar bear in its natural habitat. When I get a chance to go I take it as the travel industry is something I enjoy and I may even have a job *crossing fingers* in the field while I still finish my schooling.
On an animal note it amazes me how much Pookie gets jealous of leo and wants me all to herself. She is the most cuddlest cat and will paw at you, give you head butts espcially late at night, and then give you kneading massages. I'm happy to still have those things that remain very dear to me..my pets. :)