Saturday, March 26, 2011

Iron Pit Mr. Indiana, and the Bar Benders band

Way to Go Butller..Heading to the Final Four. I just love Bulldogs

Iron Pit is the Shizznet. So I was training yesterday and got to see John Mellancamps son being trainied by one of the trainers in the gym. Not to mention John's super model ex wife trains as well as the president of IU. Pretty nice if you ask me, and they know where the best gym is and its here. Seriously people this is the gym of gyms. IYou absolutly need to check it out for yourself. IT DOES NOT GET NY BETTER THAN THIS. This gym has been around a long time and instead of 24 hours its 25 hours lol. Just look at the sign if you don't believe me. It was another wonderful day in the gym yesterday and I will talk about yesterdays workout later. For now its time to brag. You know I just have to give compliemnts and kuddos. LOL. So here is Mr. Indiana form the Indiana State show back in the day. Very impressive tiny waist and an 8 pack lol. He reminds me of a buff Ken doll :) or better yet He-Man. I'm sure I may get killed for saying that but its my blog and I speak my mind ha ha. Regaurdless he looks freaking awesome. This shot was taken after his last Indiana State competition where he was 215 pds. Matt was telling me how in this picture he was remembers specifically thinking "bring on the food" LOL
Amen to that as I know many of us make a stright bee-line to the nearest restaurant after the show lol.
Here's another show shot from another show and another one with him and Pro Mike Quinn. Check out Matts color pants lol. It don't get any better than that.

 Now besides Kevin Leverone and Frank Zane (who has a band and plays harmonica). How many other bodybuilders have thier own band and get down playing around town ets. Matt has his own band called the Bar Benders. Speaking of the Bar Benders they will be playing Tuesday night at the Bears Place (DA BEARS DA BEARS DA BEARS...sorry I couldn't resist *smile)
Going back to what I was saying before I changed the subject the Bar Benders will be playing at the
Bear's Place
1316 East 3rd Street
Bloomington, IN
Tuesday, March 29th at 8:30 pm
A donation of $3.00 goes to thier mission trip in June. So make a good donation :) hint hint as its for a very good cause, if not I'm hunting you down lol kidding