Friday, March 18, 2011

24 hour Iron Pit Gym Bloomington, Indiana for the Serious and Fit Minded Gym Rat

I remember searching the Internet for a gym in Bloomington, IN. I was looking for  a Anytime Fitness or something that would get me by while I was in town. So I saw a website for a gym that was 24 hours. I was curious and clicked on it. Wow..I was blown away. It was a hardcore or serious trainers heaven. I couldn't believe it. here in Indiana was this gym that I have never heard of since I have been here for the last 3 years. 
I have trained at a lot of gym all over the country and this by far is one of the best. I would HIGHLY recommend any bodybuilder, power lifter or fitness minded person to train here. I even begin to tell you how thrilled I was this morning walkign through the door. I want to try every piece of equipment in there. As soon as I walked in my muscles swelled up immediately from the energy of the gym. Super super great atmosphere. That makes a HUGE difference in a gym. There's not too many gym likes this anymore around the country. I finally met Matt a few days ago and I was blown away. He is one of the coolest people you'd ever meet and very very dedicated to fitness and health.Here is one of his many pictures. Which You must check out their huge array of photos, clippings, memorabilia, trophies, etc. They even have thier own band :)Matt is a big Bodybuilder fan and a bodybuilder himself on top of that as you can see. I haven't met Doug yet but I will. He is a huge powerlifter and has competed in the Highland games(wheres the kilt). I saw his little set up with the squats, Deadlifting, and benching. Very nice. I wish I would have met them a long time ago as I would  have loved to see my full potential with my strength. Who knows I'm actually itching to ask Doug and Matt to train me to see my potential. I am strong when I want to be but I am safe now a days *wink and do go nutty with weights. I can be a crazy nut when it comes to intense training. *whew* lookout...Well I know some of you in particular who would really appreciate this gym and would love it especially if your a fan of powerlifting and classic and modern bodybuilding. Not to mention the old school training :) You absolutley need to check out this gym. Its FABULOUS!!! I am in heaven. I had the best workout today and the focus and fire was so intense. I raving about it as it makes me so excited. This is a great place to train for me getting ready for a show. The people make a big difference as you are among friends and well they treat you like family here. 
24 Hours 

122 East Miller Drive
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 339-1679

Here is the Arnold side of the Gym :) LOVE IT !!!!

 some powerlifting tools..look at those thick chains :). I thought this was neat. The platform poetry. I guess you can write stuff on here about squating and deadlifting

 This was a pretty neat device. Never seen one in my life and it is a great piece to train on. I like the shrugs

 Money from around the world.....You see this as soon as you walk in the door to your left