Thursday, March 17, 2011


 I didn't find my pot of gold today. I Hope you all have a safe time today and tonight. Eat your cabbage and drink your green beer. I went to roadhouse again and they asked me if I was 21 to sit at the bar lol. Earlier in the week I was also told I look younger than my age. :) That makes me happy as a button. 
Bloomington, IN is very nice and there is lots of diversity here in town. Its bigger than Terre Haute, and then some. I will be making some trips back to Terre Haute as I asked or I should say phone a friend to help me with my training as it is a little intense here. *whew* I really thought I knew intense when I worked out in the gym. I got beat. The acronyms can play mind games on you. I had another instructor today and he was awesome very funny guy. He will be there tomorrow too. Very entertaining and smart. I swear last night I was having dreams of vital signs and  clearing the airway. When does it end....Now I'm beginning to prep again too. I'm starving and heard there was a really good sushi joint here in town that people come from New York and Japan just to try this sushi. It is called

Japanee 320 North Walnut Street, Bloomington -(812) 334-3474

I will give this place a try and see the real deal here. :) I heard lot of great reviews about it. Here are some of the dummys the students work on.

I wondered the last few days If I am ever thought of or missed. I am a little puppy with a big heart, what can I say. I would never know, but I'm always connected. I was surfing the around on my facebook as I have made some new wonderful cruise friends and
 these pictures are from the Glory cruise courtesy of Eds picture links on his go
Speaking of Ed, here he is wearing his bling rapping got back at karaoke. Ship on a stick.