Friday, April 29, 2011

totally feeling it

I don't know what could be more exciting getting stuck on a bus with 60-80 years olds for 5 hours (courtesy of my friend Dessi) talking about welfare, minimum wage, etc. or being the very last person to board minutes before departure off the island lol. You know me, Ms. excitement and full of adventure. I love to have fun and somehow I always manage to have something funny happen to me. I'm a fun magnet. I had a wonderful time and have lots of stories to share. Will kiss and tell later
In Charleston I got to see for the first time ever the "the World" residences of the seas. You need to have at least 5 million minimum just to get on this ship. here is the website for more information on this immaculate ship.

 I cared so much for my friend I even got her name tatooted to my arm....:) as a joke of course.

Dessi being her silly self dancing the night away.

Till later i'm zoinked