Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hey Hey Hey

Pookie Mouse sends her love. I captured her on video kneading my stomach which she constantly does followed by lots of head butts.

Congrats to the competitors who competed at the Southern Indiana this weekend promoted by Eric Schmidt, his fiance' and Nitro Fitness. We had some good competition in the men's open and in the figure class. The show its self was not as big as last years but that didn't put a dent in the quality of the competition. I got a chance to sneak in a workout Saturday afternoon with some friends who killed me on chest showing me a unique style of training. My chest is still screaming bloody murder lol. Its always a treat judging the shows and meeting new people. I especialy love chatting with the competitors and hearing their story as we all have a story of how we got there and how we got into it. Yes dieting can be hard. Yes training and cardio can be a bit too much for the average person to handle and Yes you do have to have to be strong mentally and physically to compete. But there's nothing like the feeling you get when you walk on stage in front of all those people showing off the body you worked so hard for during the last 12 weeks or so. "Here I am World".  Then afterwards every competitors wondering were the restaurants are so they can indulge in something taboo in the bodybuilding world like a cheesecake. LOL.

All in all I always have the lovely pleasure of meeting new people, making new friends and seeing my judging friends. I enjoyed myself and then some walking away with some comical moments I won't forget LOL...My real treat of the weekend was the Camaro SS I drove. Yes I have been talking mustangs a while back and now with the new Mustang BOSS out. A sweet ride and boy she looks fierce you can't beat it but its not a Shelby GT500. I do love the Camaro SS especially for the fact the technology is very advanced and the car is luxurious packed with some good power in under a few seconds. Yes "I drove it like I stole it". Just to let you know a little bit about me I like fast muscle cars and I especially love the exhaust roar. I went a lot back in the day to hot rod and muscle car shows. Very fun. Anyway, I won't tell you the speed I got the Camaro up to as well you know :) but I will say was 10 mph more than when I drove a Challenger RT a while back ago. Basically it was pretty fast and the amount of seconds it took to get to that blew my mind. I have been looking around at the SS but a friend a few days ago turned my attention to the new 2012 Z28. It is fast and sounds great!!! Its worth waiting for. Here's a sneak video. I would like to know where in Europe this was shot at

This is going to be a fun summer. Lots of bodybuilding contests coming up. I would really like to take part of the famous Alcatraz Swim meet in September but its a few weeks before the Olympia. It wouldn't work out in my favor. I'm sure there may be another swim meet I can do. I would need to take a lot of cold showers and lots of open water training as the water over there is a lot for my little body to handle. Imagine jumping into 57 degree water. It puts a big shock in your body. Time will only tell. I'm a athlete and well I love to try new sports. :)

In the tech world I think I am going to go back to Razzberry or as you all know it as Blackberry.
talk with you more later