Saturday, April 16, 2011

the jokes on me

I need a pick me up.....badly. I can't do Starbucks as that was one of the things I gave up for Lent. :)
I'm looking forward to the summer as I mention before it's busy with shows nonstop here in Indiana and of course my own thingy with competitions as well as other things like finally taking that motorcycle class I always wanted to take. For me when I go to the Islands I always wanted to go riding around some of these cities like St. Thomas, etc. In a week I will be surprising my friend on the Fantasy as the last time I saw her was in October. The next time I will see her again will be more easy for me as she will be on the Destiny out of  Miami and I can just hop, skip and jump down there from Orlando when I visit my family(which hopefully will be with me). She likes crazy outfits and hats, and yes she is European which explains it. LOL I'm kidding. I care a lot about this women as she such a huge heart and means well. Not to mention she does have a quick witt too and has always treated me like I was one of her own children. I've got some great memories with her that I wish I could relive some of them again as they were apart of the best moments in my life. Here is were I insert a big *smile followed by a little *sigh ha ha. You know I thought about going to a costume shop and disguising myself with a wig, some prosthetics, and a pretty good accent. Of course I would have to hide my physique which is difficult. Maybe I can stuff some charmin in my brassiere (bra) and some other places and look like a funky person. I think I may be able to pull it off as she is fun to play pranks on :). Hopefully I can pull it off, the bad thing is I think we only have one costume shop in Terre Haute so I'm limited but I think I can get something good and "crossing fingers" fairly priced. She hates surprises, oh well she's just going to have to deal with it. I am sure she will know I am coming as she sees the guest list and I kinda already told her I was coming...But it doesn't mean she will recognize me. Some of you may think I am mean but I like to have fun and there's nothing wrong with that. If you don't like it ...take a hike LOL.

Recently I had a friend play a joke on me. You know I have talked about the Camaro SS, so they took the time and effort in helping me find one and here it is ...LOL How sweet was that LOL and its silver too. I like the Camaro in silver, black, lime green, and the Colts blue. I found it to be pretty funny and it would work if I was microscopic size but I'm not unfortunately I'm XXXL size.

Well I was sitting on the couch and Leo (Bengal) starts grooming Pookie. I kinda knew were this was going but just let it continue as I was hoping Leo would surprise me. He kept grooming and Pookie was sleeping and then finally . Now this is not Pookie saying cheese and smiling for the camera but its her reaction to Leo biting her neck. For a good minute he had a very good grip on her neck and would not let goMaybe he was hungry and wanted a light snack. He is a sweet but plays dirty and I consider him a real stinker as he thinks he owns everything. He won't leave my site as he always follows me everywhere I go and watches me or even joins me in the shower..what a pervert LOL. After the whole bitting attack he passed out next to me on the couchLike nothing ever happened. Boys will be boys....