Friday, April 8, 2011


It's that time again where we all need to take a moment and unwind and relax. I'm at that piont as its called vacation lol. I have a very busy next 3 months ahead of me with prepping for shows, training for school, and taking on new adventures such as becoming a grill master. There is one thing I really would like to do and that is coach soccer. That's a nice little dream of mine. :) maybe actually a big one. For the first time ever I got asked "Are you a tennis player?" That must be a bad sign lol. I was wearing sprayed on jeans(lol) and a Aero shirt. I really don't think I stood out, but I guess I did to the piont to where I looked liek a tennis player. ha ha. I had a great time last night hanging out and haivng some aweeeesome laughs. I am a real funny person and that in my opinion is what life is about having fun and making the best of it. I am the life of the party. I love talking to people and joking around. I have my 70 year old moments too but thats only when ...nevermind :). Let's see I also got asked yesterday if I am Brazilian. ummm No. But I take that as a compliment as brazilians are very pretty.

So I have decided to go back to my old school methods of training and getting things done like I did back in the day of my first years of bodybuilding. Consider me the female phantom of bodybuilding. LOL I recently shut my phone off literally avoiding calls and texting as its distracting and I don't need it. I recall in my early weightlifting that I didn't really use my phone at all. I left it at home and off. This is going to be hard for me as my phone is my life support when it works. I have the worst luck in the world with phones. I'm serious. All jokes aside. Earlier this week my phone kept on dropping calls along with other things and thats when I said enough lol. I don't need it anyway ha ha. So since, I have been focusing more on my training as the weightlifter/bodybuilder, and doing things the old school training way. I hope none of my friends take offense to me turning off my phone but I'm sure they will as some don't understand the intensity of muscle buidling/cutting. Consider it like prepping for that really hard exam that your life depends on. LOL. My training methods can be insane and extreme for the weak. I don't like it myself as I'm the one lifting and training. There are moments when I just want to crawl back into the corner of the gym and die from the muscle fatigue and pain. The show must go on no matter how much it hurts mentally and physicaly. Then there is the mirror game. Some mirrors will fool you. You may look great under certain lights and mirror but when you go to another one "what happened?" lol. I have had this happen all the time. I personally like posing in natural light. A friend of mine taught me that this is the better way to take progress pics and see the change. They were right and I recommend that to anyone. I knwo I'm boring you hiss

talk with you later