Friday, April 22, 2011

there's a bright day ahead of me

it's not too pretty in Terre Haute today very gloomy and just nasty out there. Im sitting here waiting on the bird to land so I can make my way to see my friend for the Easter holiday. Its the evening here and not too busy. I can't wait to see Dessi she's so funny and her accent reminds me of Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Isabelle is hurting today. My back is sore!!!! lol I was training yesterday and did an hour of intense aerobics which consist of some out there things on the cardio machines lol. then I go and do odds and ends stuff like calves abs etc. well yesterday I saw my friends deadlifting so of course I'm itching to join in even though I can't see straight, I'm dead tired and hungry. I had no energy left in me yesterday but I jumped in only for one set doing 315. I got out 11 reps that's good for being totally depleted lol. I promise to keep you updated all week with my trip. The bright side is I'm some place warm and sunny;)

it's good Friday and happy earth day