Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark on Broadway...Very Cool for Yours Truly

One of the many people on my list to meet in life is Stan Lee. He's a genuis and of course being the comic book fan especially Marvel I had to see Spiderman in the Dark. Spiderman Turn Off the Dark is one of the most expensive boardway shows ever put together. Your looking roughly at a cool 70 million dollars invested into the web slinger spidey. I really liked the fact that U2's Bono and the Edge
Some of the crowd from the evening. I also got a chance to take a quick shot as your not allowed to be taking any pictures of any kind. I need one of those nifty sky cameras or that camera pen lol so I can take  some good shots

Don't forget to check out the store too.

I really had a great time and felt like a kid all over again but I must admit to you I am already a kid at heart and you can never take that away from me. The music score I really liked a lot and Peter parker has got one heck of a voice. Oh Peter :). I had a excellent time and look forward to seeing the show again with its new changes. I think the one person who really made the show is the goblin. The actor really fit that role so well and hes the guy I'd want to hang out with as hes just plain old bad lol