Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Would you pay 92 cents for one hard boiled egg? After my workout this morning I went to the store and staring me down were these hard boiled eggs. I looked at the price and thought how many people would actually buy open or two or even three. Use the change and buy a dozen pack of eggs for the same price and get of the lazy wagon and boil your eggs yourself. It's truly not that complicated. The same goes for chicken. I'd rather buy my chicken slice it up and grill it myself then pay a hefty price for 1 breast which most of the time in restaurants it's a tiny breast which looks more like 3 oz which is small for my appetite.

I had a good workout this morning and plan to go back this afternoon for round 12 lol.
It's nice when you feel super duper ready to conquer anything mother gym throws at you. I was exhausted as I wore myself by doing legs....the worst day ever. I can't feel my legs. Lol

Will write more later

*high five