Monday, August 2, 2010

Sisters in town, Indiana State and Hoosier Classic

Well I flew her up here to Indiana. She likes it so shes says. She really liked Indianapolis. I picked her up from the airport in a Chevrolet Camaro. I got pictures of her with it. She really liked it. I wanted to make her happy. What are sisters for. :) I was really surprised she came here actually as she is scared to ride planes by herself. But she did. She was a very big help with the Indiana State and Hoosier classic this weekend. We got there a day before and helped Tim and Bettina Mobley with a few things for the show. Later that evening we walked around and she had a milkshake from steak n shake and we watched motorcycles at Circle Center.

What a incredible weekend! Wow this years Indiana State and the bringing back of the Hoosier Classic was a huge success. Thank you to all the competitors, judges, and our promoters.

We had a pretty good amount of competitors in both shows. The LHW, and HWs, and of course the Mens Masters were a tough class to judge. Now the nicest surprise of the day was seeing Heather Parsons compete in the heavies. She looked amazing. Her conditioning was superb and she just has an incredible shape. Her next show will be the North American. This was the last show she did a few years ago were she was the top contender for the pro card. I promise you...what I saw on Saturday is pro material and will win the pro card at N.A.s good for her. On another positive note. I saw my friend Brooke Suiters in the crowd. Brooke has a cute shape and she is just a doll. She is a figure competitor and has been victorious at the figure shows. She took some time off this year to build her physique. It was great seeing her again.
You know theres always one in the bunch..............
So I was being my happy go lucky self at the show and you know theres always that one that will be a little cold, stern but theres no reason to be like that. I said hello tried to be nice, and got shot down or brushed off. LOL Life is too short. Hey all you can do is keep a smile on your face and move forward. I haven't done anything wrong but you can't please everyone. I guess they have made me out to be this horrible person. I don't know what I did wrong to them but as I said all one can do is ignore it, Smile, and have fun :)

On Saturday, Erica was a great sport and was clapping for every competitor. I turned around and was wondering who was doing that and it was her lol. She takes up after her big sister. I'm proud of her. Now I am a little upset as some photographer was sitting next to her and mind you she is 16 but looks more like 13/14 and he said a few words to her and gave her his card. I was pretty ticked when she told me this even more so that she didn't tell me as I was sitting right in front of her. I told her to NEVER talk to strangers and take peoples cards like that. I also told her to next time have that person talk to me. As I will put them in place. I can't believe that crap. I really wish she would have told me right there and then when it happened. That is one of the problems with this sport. Crap like that. Don't worry I got his card and will take care of it.

Well the next day it was a choice of Cedar Point or Chicago. She took Chicago. Everywhere I looked all she was doing was texting her boyfriend.

She tells me yesterday that it was there 10 month anniversary. Oh boy...LOL. I remember those days. I wanted to go eat at Hot Dawgs and it was CLOSED. I was so sad! I wanted to cry lol. SO we went for pizza. I was told by several friends that Lou's was the best. Now I will be honest. I do not know Chicago at all. We drove around for a good hour and a half or more trying to find our way around lol. Well I finally found Lou's. It was pretty decent, but I think the quality could have been a little better. The cheese and sauce are to die for. One of my favorite things about the place was it has all fresh ingredients. Plus the Cheddar squares and calamari are very good. Navy Pier was our next stop and that was fun. I scared my sister in the elevator by setting off the bell in the elevator. She freaked out. lol. We had fun and watched a pretty decent band playing all types of songs we were dancing and having a great time.

It was a great weekend.

I did made some great contacts this weekend and also made a few phone calls. I have some great plans coming up. Some of those things are that I am going to have my website redesigned focusing on wellness, bodybuilding, and personal training. I also am going to start a website to motivate and encourage kids and adults with disabilities about exercise. I am excited about it.

Next week I will be on my b2b vacation meeting my old Bulgarian friend. I am really excited about everything coming up. I actually also gave Charles Glass a call yesterday and he is going to help me with my physique. I am planning to go down there for a week or so and learn a few things. Golds Gym in Venice is awesome as you get to see celebrities train not to mention people you admire in the sport. I love that place. I am very excited about it. You will see a new and improved Isabelle Turell on stage in 2011. I want to say thank you to CJ from Unique Physique for sponsoring me.

I will be attending the North American, the Olympia, and Nationals to show my support and represent Indiana as one of Indiana's IFBB Pros. Plus I miss the shows, and supporting my friends. I can also help out with Muscular Development with a few things. Oh yes ...I also may have a supplement sponsor but that is in the works. So for now hush hush.

On a sad note. My grandmother has to leave to NY for a month as her daughter my aunt is very sick. As I have mentioned in a previous blog, my aunt has the A.I.D.S. She got put in the hospital a few days ago. My grandmother has been very devastated about it. The whole family has been there for my aunt. She has been battling the virus for 15 years now. Please keep my family in your prayers. All we can do is be positive and keep our heads up