Friday, August 6, 2010

I just won the lottery :)

Can you believe that! I still can't. So I get this email from a small town (somewhere unkown to man) that I have won 5 million dollars. WOOHOO. Im rich and I'm taking everyone on a cruise. I know that was a horrible joke. Not as bad as my sister's prake on me. So I sometimes get these unknown calls that I don't answer. Well finally I got another unknown call and I answered it "hello" and then it was some weird voice. "hi this is so and so" it then went on saying " you stole my newspaper" etc. I was like " what in the world are you talking about?" CLICK. I wasn't thrilled after that. Then they called again. I answered and then click. So the other day out of the blue my sister tells me that she prank called me several times using
My feelings went from shocked to anger then relieved and then wanting vengence. ha ha ha ha (my evil laugh). SO I have to admit as I told her that was pretty good as I feel for it. I was impressed. LOL Too bad I can't do it to her. Well then again I can if I use a friends phone. She will get hers. I forgot to tell you guys. On my way taking her to the airport. I'm driving on I-70 and where listening to music and all of the sudden I see a red bird fly in front of the car a needless to say it hit front of the hood and then the winshield. My sister now calls me " bird killer". LOL I was sad. I remember a friend of mine was driving one night and he ran over a kitten. He didn't see it but I made him go back :). it happens in life.

I haven't told anyone yet except my grandmother as she has been worrying about my aunt. My G-ma can't see her right now so I thought I would go see her and give my grandma a report. I will be going to the hospitall later this afternoon and I will let you know all know her status. I know she can't walk really good right now. It just frustrates me that some people are treating her like she doesn't exsist. Thats just wrong. But its in the most challenging times when you find out who your real friends and family are.

So I may have a new job with a supplement company... keep your fingers crossed. I am in the hiring process :) It would be a nice change of pace.

Its not too long before I'm in Jacksonville, FL going on a back to back. It should be fun but I can tell yeah I will be training a lot, and eating alot of protein. Its goign to be nice seeing my friend Dessi again. Its been about a less than a year I think since I seen her. She is sooo funny and she is the matre d'. She loves that I workout and jokes with me. I need to bring her a gift. Its nice when someone looks beyond the outer shell and looks more into whats inside. As I learned from the Dali Lama when I saw him a while back in Indianapolis. Beauty is in the inside not he outside.

Well I am going to go train here in a few mins and then I will be on my way to the hospital. Im going to try and pick up some flowers and surprise her.My aunt right now needs all the love and support she can get. I have seen her cry and walk with her head down. Listen.....we are all God's creatures and we are all beautiful people. I don't judge a person based on what they look like, I never have. What matters is inside thier heart. People now a days have lost that beauty. They judge you and oiont fingers based on the outer appearance and materialistic things you have.
I want my aunt to know she is loved and I see her as a beautiful person. She doesn't have to feel the way she reason too. She justs need to be head strong and shut out those ignorant people.

I have a simple project for each of you today and everyday. Take the time to do something nice for someone. Say a simple "hello" even if they look like they have a crappy look on thier face. It makes a diffrence you'll see
I recently have had a kick for the Glaceau Vitamin Water. They are sooo good and refreshing. I must buy a couple of bottles a day. Maybe they can be my sponsor. Then I can have access to the smart water which I LOVE. Very good water people. :)