Saturday, August 28, 2010

Someone Pinch Me..I Think I'm Dreaming

The other day was ne of the happiest moments I have eve been in a long time. I still think I was dreaming. Its not a big deal but in some ways for me it is. I am not going to hold my breath lol. The last few weeks have been nice with some shocking surprises and of course hurtful moments. The important thing is Everything is good and I am Happy

Few Updates....

My aunt is doing better and is now back in Florida with my grandmother. I would say she is about 70 % better which is very good compared to where she was a few weeks ago. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Say Hello to Tilly She is the Breast Cancer Awareness dog..Isn't she just adorable. Shes so loveable and cuddly.. :)

I think I owe you some pictures. First let me say Cheers!
Everyday I would get up and look out to this every morning.
It's absolutly breathtaking to me. I don't know why but ever since I was a young girl I have had a love for the ocean. Believe me it has nothing to do with being a Native Floridian. *wink. Theres just something beautiful and mysterious about her.

Be patient with me as these pictures are coming from my phone and I have a lot to share along with some pretty ones like this one here. When I was in the Bahamas I never tried Conch salad and always wanted too. So I shopped around for a place that was to my liking. This guy was cool. He reminded me of the book "the old man and the sea". well anyway, he pretty much knew me by my name..well honestly he kept on talking about my muscles. I visted him a few times while I was in the Bahamas. So the first day I was sitting off the side of the dock and this lady was walking by from Senior Frogs. She was pretty happy at the moment, and was totally out of control. Think of the old 80's movie "Blind Date" with Bruce Willis trying to get with Nadia (Kim Bassinger). :)Once Nadia took a drink, she was out of control. lol. So the lady came running over to the end of the dock where I was and she asked the man if she could come on his boat. He was all game for it. LOL. I just had to see this. So I got my camera ready and took a couple of pictures

i will post more later