Friday, August 13, 2010

Too sweet to be a suite

All I can say is it is absolutly breathtaking sitting out watching the never ending ocean. I am making a scrapbook for my aunt and grandmother and I think they are really going to enjoy it. Last night was a hard night for me but I am managing. Everyone is treating me like family here and its so nice. I am the usually joker and liek to have fun laughing and joking with people. Being my typical silly self. I am doing all these things but its not the same. Its really not. It is a fabulous ship and I would saio on this again and again. I never had such a wonderful crew take so much care of me. its a amzing. I will write more later. I wish my grandma and aunt can see what I am seeing and experiencing. I have my phone on and thank God I have gotten no call. I am going to call them in a little bit asfter I train here in a few mins.

But the cruise its self is not the same. There are a lot of things I miss. There things that I would like to enjoy but I can't as much as I would like too. You know what I am talkign about.....Its just not the same.

Talk to you later