Saturday, August 7, 2010

Time to make the doughnuts

I feel like I need to take good long long nap. Seriously. I realy am tied. I had a AWESOME workout today. Maybe that was it. The heat doesn't help either.

I went to the hospital hoping theey would of had a gift shop. You know something to bring to a patient. Get well soon. Well I asked a lady in the cafateria about a gift shop and she snapped at me and was plain out RUDE. I held back and walked out. Its not worth it, at least not at a hospital. Then this guy chased me down and told me about this pharmacy down the street that they had flowers and some other things. Well I wasn't goign to let some snappy lady get the best of me. So I went to the store. It was an extra walk but it was well worth the cause. To see my aunt with a huge smile in her face makes me happy. I came back in the hospital to see my aunt and I showered her with teddy bears, flowers and balloons to bring her some cheer. She was walking around a lot better today and from what she told me, she is goign to be released from the hospital on Monday. I know she was very happy about that as she hates hospitals and so do I. Today I noticed a huge difference in her. She looked a lot better and had a nice glow to her. She is so funny. She told me today that since she has been in the hospital she hasn't slept as all she has been doing is watching tv flipping channels. She sounds a lot like me cause thats what I at home. LOL.

My heart goes out to my aunt and I will do whatever I can to help her and be there for her. I came close to shedding tears a few times but I have to be stronger than that. So I am. I am happy that she is doing a lot better and that she is being a true fighter. I forgot the exact line but for those of you that have seen galaxy know what I mean when I say "never surrender"

Thank you for all your prayers and generous thoughts