Friday, August 20, 2010

Smooth moves

I was laying out on my deck chair at the back of the ship by the water. The wind started picking up bad. The next thing I know my bag goes flying. I had my sign n sail card as well as my clothes and sunglasses. The bag takes off flying and gets caught by the rail. It was seconds before my bag along with all my stuff went "overboard". Immediately I felt I was at a blue light special at K-mart and jumped on the bag like my life depended in it. At this point it did lol. Trust me I have loads of funny stories of some funny experiences I have had involving airline tickets, driver licenses, etc.

I had someone ask me today if your allowed to jump off the ship like you would jump a cliff and into the water. Theywere adventure seekers. I completely DID NOT take this person seriously...but trust me they were serious about the question. But I mean seriously come on. I told them to ask the captain of the ship LOL.

I will write more later. I am zonked out from the sun. I have been out in the heat for the last few hours. I'm as dark as my grandmother now lol. Well not that dark. ha ha