Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surprise Surpise

My lovely bulldog "Bunny" says hello. She is the sweetest littlest thing but she has her moments. I went downstairs to take the trash out and as I am coming u the stairs she is at the edge of the steps waiting on me.....or so I "think" she is. She then immediately moves away and low and behold there was a big warm "pile" of dog poo smiling at me. LOL. What a way to start the morning. Then shes sits next to it looking at me with her tooth hanging out the side of her mouth like shes smiling at me. Its nothing to smile about and it sure don't smell like roses.

I went to the gym early this morning and did aerobics and some rowing. I'm inspired to buy a piece of cardio equipment and put it here in the apt. I don't know if the complex would mind that. :) I thought about turning the garage into mini gym but I need to have a place to put my car :)

Can you believe its August, I can't. Seems like summer came and went. It is very hot and humid here. Yuk! No thanks. I love fall time, its one of the most beautifulest times of the year. I also look forward to the covered bridge festival. Guess whose Birthday is in October :)

Yesterday was National Night Out (community police awareness raising event) which is always the first Tuesday in August every year. The event was hosted at Fairbanks Park in Terre Haute. From the looks of the crowd it was a good turn out with people. The coolest part of the event for me was the Military helicopter. Don't ask me what kind it was lol, as I have no clue. But it was really awesome. Especially when it took off.

I stopped by Happiness Bag yesterday as I want to work and provide my services. Happiness Bag offers recreational and educational programs and services for individuals with disabilities ages 5-adult. I will be helping out with the special Olympics. I think one of the activities mentioned was volleyball. I may also be helping out with the exercise activities as well.

I have a couple of ideas that I am putting down as a plan to help raise awareness of fitness and health. Today I am going to make a few stops by some community centers and see what I can get myself into.

A big thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers concerning my aunt. She is making good progress in the hospital. She is starting to talk better but she can't walk or stand on her own. I may have to make an emergency trip in the next few days, but I'm not a 100% certain on that. I tell yah it blows my mind how some people are towards her. They treat her like she is a monster. She is a human being like you and me. Its times like this where the family needs to stick together. You and I both know its moments like this were we see who is really "family" and who is really true friends. I won't go into more detail about it but you know what I mean.

People are always going to talk and spread gossip. No matter what. They feed off of it. I know where I stand, and I shouldn't be judged but I am. It doesn't surprise me any more the things people do or say to get a rise out of someone. Again we just have to ignore it and move forward, but its sad.

The Europa is Dallas is coming here quick. I want to congratulate the winners at the USAs..Way to go Al Aguste. I am so happy for him. He looked great and he has been so close to that pro card for a couple years. He always has superior conditioning and believe it or not hes a school teacher :). I also want to congratulate the ladies who turned pro. But I really would have liked to see Claire who won her class win that 2nd pro card. I know the judges like her and I think the next show she does she will take the prize and win that PRO card!