Saturday, August 14, 2010

I need a night cap

I can’t sleep so I am just writing out here under the vast blanket of stars. I took a few minutes and watched the sky and I must have counted about 7 shooting stars. Some small and some pretty good sized ones. I am not much of a sleeper when there are things on my mind. I gave my grandma a call and trust me using my cell phone from the ships tower is not cheap. $2.49 a minute. Och! So I called and a couple of times I got these crazy rings etc. Finally she anwered. She has been very busy as she is still in NY and preparing to bring my aunt back down again to Florida. I have no idea whats going on as all she told me she was busy and that she would call me back. I don’t have an update for you.

I just registered for my courses at the college as school begins the 23 of this month. It will be go by quick. Yesterday I didn’t do too much. Freeport wasn’t my cup of tea. I prefer St. Thomas, St. Martin, St. Lucia. I trained yesterday and almost got in trouble as I had about 3 people come up to me wanting some training and diet advice. I enjoyed helping them. There was one lad who was a retired school teacher who didn’t know how to use the machines. Of course my natural instinct is to help her. SO I went over and offered help and then she said thank you and she went on and She went to another machine and needed help and I helped her again. She then flexed her bicep and said that I obviously workout and that she wanted help in learning how to tone. I gave her tips on toning and demoed a few exercises that I felt would benefit her on her journey. It must have took about 45 mins. I felt like the trainer on duty was getting a little ticked as I was helping people and giving tips as they asked me. I really enjoyed doing that and now I am more involved in training people than I was a few years back when I was Signature Fitness training people in Orlando. It comes natural to me pushing and motivating people to help them bring out the best in themselves.

It would be nice if I had a job on the cruise ship as a personal trainer. I would love that, but I couldn’t be the bodybuilder I am today.

There’s a girl who Is heavily intoxicated right now telling me nice lap top over and over lol. Of course ignored her as I am on my balcony and “I don’t speakie englsh” lol. I sometimes may talk in german to mess with people if they try to talk to me to me or ask a silly question lol. It works ha ha