Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time for something diffent

I had a great time today but tomorrow or a few hours from now I will be back to my intense training. Im sure the people will be sick of seeing me as im going to bd there a lot again. I take my stuff seriously you know and my body responds well to it. The same thing with certain foods as some give me great benefits. Tomorrow i get to train my friends son again. Im going to be working with him a few times a week. Im excited about it as im training a future NFL star.

Next month im going to Chareston again to visit my friend. Its a always a pleasure.

A group of people invited me to Show.Me'S. I had fun and all eyes on me when I walked in. I was flatered as i got nice compliments. the food was goood. huge chicken breast portions. I had fun and woukd go again. I put my dollar on the wall under Hulk Hogans lol