Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A future IFBB Pro my friend Jorge, who has INCREDIBLE potential in bodybuilding as he has what we call a "classic" physique which is pretty much beautiful lines, symmetry, and lastly good muscularity. I see a lot of bright things in his future. This picture is courtesy of Jorge from this past weekend at the NPC Indianapolis. I am very proud of you Jorge and your accompliments and very excited about what lies ahead for you as you indeed are blessed with a great gift.
My legs are killing me literally. I guess it's from yesterdays leg workout or wearing heels a few days ago. It's that feeling of restlessness. I can't stand it to tell you the truth. The gym thinks it can conquer me, but the shoe is on the other end of the foot. I come in and conquer it no matter how hard I am pushed, no matter how much pain I endure, no matter how much sweat and tears I let go. I keep on pushing and moving forward. No matter how hard I fall I get back up and keep hitting it hard. Whew..I think I said a mouthful.

I'm not getting ready for any contest any time soon as I have a long way before the AHHnold (if I get an invitation that is) but as I mentioned in a previous blog, this is my leanest I have ever been for a offseason. I always like to try and do new things and this is one of them. I had a nice compliment today about how fit I look and people of course making the acknowledgement that I have lost weight (which is nice).One more day till my sister is in town as she wants to see me in a suit. :) I told her to get a blind fold and brace yourself LOL....
Big thanks to Verizon for helping me with great customer service today with my number. THANK YOU!!! I was told earlier this evening I was too happy for 7 pm at night lol. That's just who I am.

The other night I went out for a chicken salad and was so tired I caught myself a few times dozing off as I was taking bites ha ha. I remember one of my friends fell asleep while they were eating thier food at Dennys a few days before USAs. Speaking of which, I MAY be at USAs next month. That will be fun as we have some Indiana Hoosiers competing.  NO Hangover moments for me though. Its off subject, but if you want something funny and educational to watch check out "Only in America" with Larry the Cable Guy. It is hilarious. I just love Larry. He's so funny, and he's a Florida guy woo hoo. I just love my redneck boys :)

The Strawberry Festival will be here once again in Terre Haute this Thursday downtown. Yummy Yummy strawberry shortcake with ice cream. I will pass and just take the strawberries. Its for a great cause. Hope to see you there. :)
Time to make some tea and call it a night