Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there. Its storming here and hopefully it will pass. I am grocery shopping in this weather when my happy little self should be in bed sleeping and out of this gloomy weather. But I want to go train and do my shopping. When I was in the egg section a gentlemen bent over to grab a pack of eggs in front of me. The next thing I see is his crack and his hairy butt. Hes talking on the phone at the same tine saying "I just found a broke egg" well by golly mister I just found he kingdom of hairy butt cracks. I immediately walked away avoiding any eye contact with the man as I needed eggs but not that bad.

I'm itching to go to the Indianapolis Zoo I havent been in a long time and I love animals. Speaking of which I saw for the first time ever my very firat chipmunk as I was waiting for my friend at ISU. I thought it was a baby squirrel and then I looked closer and saw the markings on its back. It was too fast for me as I was trying to get a picture but it took off quick.

I didn't realize how much of an effect I have on people. In a goid way and yes unfortunately some bad which is a pity. The bad of course I ignore as I like being drama free and the good always amazes me. When I touch a persons life through my kindness, love and of course the fitness side, it means so much to me more than anyone knows. On top of that no matter how bad someone may treat me I still will smile and be sweet as that is the way I was raised. Now other people I ignore and run away me I can tell you stories.

I really really want to go to Cedar Point next month. I have to do millineum force and some other thrill rides. Another thing I want to do is that big burrito challenge in Las Vegas as I want a certified weenie shirt lol. I'm not a weenie of course but I was watching a old episode of Man vs Food and remembered it and I want it lol.

time for me to stop chit chating. I did run into a old friend in Terre Haute, very sweet person. It was nice to see them again....

picture time

I cant even begin to tell you the patience it took to take this picture lol.

I love water and if I could live on an island I would.