Saturday, June 25, 2011

Its outta here

Im on my way to some competition at ISU watching the football guys compete against eachother. One of my clients I train is competing and I need to show my support.

News Flash my Bengals name is Hercules as he has really responded very well to this. Could it be because he comes from Olympia Bengals in Austin, TX. They all have mythological names. Im strongly thinking of getting one more Bengal except this one is white as my Cali friend has both and they are cute. We will see.

Anyways I woke up this morning energized and ready to conquer the world. I havent had this feeling in a long long time. Its complicated to explain but I am at peace finally. People say and do things that in the end it turns out to be a big blessing and in my case its a big one. I never realized how blind Ive been and how much time I wasted. On another note it seems I have been made into a bad girl. A person can insult me till they turn blue in the face. I dont care, its not affecting me or my life any way. It fuels me even more to be the best I can be and live the interesting not to mention exciting life I do. The almighty belle has spoken... ;). There are no more nerves to be striked here. They've been clipped.

U2 concert will be here before I know it. I am thinkibg about doing a triathalon here in Indiana coming up in August. It will be my first and I have a friend who js gonna help me train for it. Next month we are going sky diving. Omg Im nervous about it but Im ready so bring it. I just signed up two great athletes that Im gonna train. One for track the other for football. Im going to go to a conference for trainers coming up and I will keep you informed about it.

I am looking forward to this morning as I get to train with one of my friends and spend a little bit of time with them playing games before he leaves for month doing whale shark research. Why did it have to be this long till we became friends beats the heck out of me. He lives an intresting life and how many people can say they have been to Antartica. Well Im happy to be among the many if his friends.

Time to enjoy my long weekend and I need to pick up my dry cleaning