Saturday, October 9, 2010

Too much fun for me....take it away

I am burnt from my vacation. I had a blast and will post some pictures here for you later today. I PROMISE..Pinkie swear. It was nice seeing old friends, remembering the good times and having a few good laughs. I really did have a good time although there were a few bumps on the way but I handled it as hard as it was :). I really had lots of fun. I had a fabulous time in Half Moon Cay, it is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. I have always wanted to get my passport stamped and never have and now I know I can when I go to islands when your nice. I was disappointed as I didn't get my home made conch salad in Nassau like I always do. Anyway, I will share some funny stories with you later today. I will be going back again sometime in November and then again back to back maybe the end of December or first weeks of January. You know on this vacation I had several people stop me and take pictures and then a couple ask me for autographs lol. I met so many wonderful people on the vacation as well. Especially this adorable couple from Georgia. My heart went out for these two. You could see the sparkle in their eyes. They were in their anniversary and having a great time. The way they meet is a pretty cute story. Maybe I can share it with you sometime. I am a real romantic person and love love. So talking to these two lovebirds brought back some memories for me and also brought out my romantic side. i use to be the type of girl that back in middle school I would write on paper check yes if you like check no if you don't. LOL. I would also try to win the love of my middle school sweetheart by leaving them things like drawings or toys in their lunch box lol. Love or caring for someone can hurt y'all... okay now I want to touch on some things quickly as I have a football game to go to this morning at 10 am at North High school as my friend's son is playing on the freshman team.

Sooooo on the way back home from Atlanta I got to ride on the Airtran Colts plane. I didn't realize it till I was walking on the plane and saw it was blue. LOL. Shows you how much I pay attention to things around me lol. I do have some pictures of the plane when I got off. : ) I will post later. Of course I am going to the double C header tomorrow. Colts vs Chiefs. I got section 138 row 8 wooooohooo. So at least I thought I did before I made a call to the NFL ticket exchange. Turns out my ticket was sold as I placed an order the same time as someone else. So boohoo. I am now in section 108. Which is fine as I always wondered about this section. I see BLUE hanging out here all the time. So again I thought I HAD a good seat. It was either 138 section or section 636 row 7. I had chose the 138 section as I was in section 137 last time. See I'm moving closer in :) But really I'm not lol. 108 isn't bad as its near all the fun. As long as I am at the game it doesn't matter where I sit. I'm thrilled about tomorrow. Going to make some signs tonight and hoping I get on the big tele. Now I am debating on the vip tailgate as that looks fun.

Yesterday I hung out with a couple girlfriends and went to the North High School Patriots game vs. Carmel. Unfortunately the Patriots got creamed 6 to 56. Those Carmel boys were pretty big and they had like 24 coach's on their team. They are one of the top teams in Indiana. I had a good time and I also made some great connections with some clients for personal training. Speaking of which. I am offering free personal training lessons for kids, family police officers, fire fighters, military, pretty much anyone who lives in Terre Haute. I am being 100 % serious about this. I want to give back to society and personal training and helping people is something I enjoy. I met a few ladies yesterday and some football moms that would love to have their kids trained by me. :) I love kids.

Okay my bodybuilding friends are trying to get me to go to NPC Nationals this weekend coming up. I don't know...what do you think? its in Atlanta this year and it will be a good show to attend besides I get to represent Indiana by being one of thier pro bodybuilders :) I don't know I have to think about it.

November or maybe December I will probably be going to school for 14 days in Bloomington, IN which I have no idea where that is :) I am really getting focused on medic school and need to do whatever it takes. The course for 14 days is pretty pricey but for the 14 days, you are nonstop training 9-5 everyday. I can handle that. My purse or my wallet on the other hand can't :) its expensive

I had a dream last night I won a pro bodybuilding contest. lol. Anything is possible. It felt so real. All I remember is that I won the show and I started crying. It was a very tough competition as I remember the girls were ripped and very symmetrical but they picked me. It made me so happy. Next year 2011 I plan to bring a different unique package to the stage. I am back to training today and it should be fun. I know I will be sore later.

Time for me to get ready. I will post more later and some pictures as well