Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hand over the Candy Pumpkins or else ..

That is one of my favorite things about October. Theirs a good possibility, I may be on the Md No Bull radio along with some other FBBs talking about the latest news on the New Division "possibly" coming to the NPC next year. Its in the middle of Figure and bodybuilding. Should be interesting. Many have talked about this new division ending female bodybuilding. Its a shame that people actually have these thoughts. I do see why and understand, but this isn't the end of Female bodybuilding. Its not the end for me. I will lift till I am at a point where I can't lift no more.I do know that in the sport their are females that are TOO extreme as far as how they present themselves on stage. It looks bad, I have seen a few girls walk on stage, not even caring about how they look or how they act while on stage. With this new class, you will be required to wear heels. I personally like the heels, I am a sucker for heels and I own several pairs :) I will keep you informed when I get more information regarding the interview.

America's Got Talent contacted me about doing an open Audition in Chicago next weekend. Well....I have school so its one or the other. I will let you decide which one I picked. They would like to feature Female Bodybuilders. I think its a great idea, and this would be very positive for the sport. I am all up for it, even if I am only stage for a few seconds which you have 90 secs. I told the gentlemen I can travel for an open audition next year if I can't make the Chicago audition. Unfortunately, Chicago and NYC are the only two left this year.

My new "no name" Bengal, is doing good. He has a HUGE appetite, bigger than mine, and he is WILD. When I first got him he bit off part of my nail. He is a very sweet and cuddly cat. He will come right up to you and start purring. I took him to PetSmart today as I am leash training him. Everyone loved him and talked about how much he looks like a small leopard. It was cute watching him walk on the leash. He was born July 23rd which makes me 13 weeks old and he currently. weighs 3.65 pds. He quite a handful. Bunny likes him, pookie.....well shes being mean. I hope its just a phase and nothing more. This kitten is tearing up my wires and shoelaces lol.

The Kids told me to post these pictures or else they were going to show me a new bathroom spot in the house lol...

Bunny the Bumble Bee

Pookie Mouse being the red Devil "notice" she isn't camera friendly :)

No Name that can't stand still lol He is a DEVIL

He LOVES bags

Wishing you a safe weekend filled with lots of Happy Tricks and Treating. Times have changed with trick or Treating. Please be safe as there are a lot of REAL monsters out there.