Thursday, October 28, 2010

Car Accident, Mechanical Bulls, Chili, and Kittens..Oh My

it was an intense time this past weekend. From my birthday last Friday, to the passing of my very first bulldog that I loved very much on Saturday, then a car accident a few days later. As some of you already know I got into a car accident a few days. I rented a car and went for a mid western drive as I wanted to see the country "yeehaw" side. Maybe I should have been a Diva truck driver as I love to drive. To be truly honest this is is how I brainstorm. I am starting a business in the Pet industry involving fitness, I wanted to think as well as breathe some nice fresh air from the country side. This is one of my favorite seasons of the year.

To get back to my story. I was driving over a bridge on the interstate on the left lane. It was a 2 lane stretch with barriers on each side. I am minding my business driving in a 70 mph zone when all of the sudden the truck jumps in front of me. It happened so fast that I tried to get out of the way but there was no other place to go. Immediately I heard this loud "BOOM" the truck hit me on the right side, and I went spinning. I started panicking about the several other cars around me, that they were going to slam into me and that was the end of it. I tried to get control of the car to avoid hitting the other cars around me, and the barrier. I didn't want anyone to get hurt. For a brief second I thought about my life and those that I love dearly. ext thing I remember is gaining control of the car and coming to a stop at the side of the road. My first reaction was "what just happened" I could barely get out of my car as I was shaking and my legs were jello. A lady stopped further down the road to check to see if I was okay. I thought I was going to pass out. I made sure that I was okay and in one piece. Here's the kicker. The truck was gone. He kept going. To make a long story short. The trooper found the truck caught him, I got replacement car and the rest is history. I believe in blessings and miracles and truly God blessed me here. : I have seen worse accidents were the cars were totaled and the person walked out without a scratch. Heres a pick of the front side of the car

This past Saturday. I went to a party with friends Jess, Tiff, Leigh Ann and Jan to get my mind off of Ruby which was hard. Anything would set me off crying. At the party It was a really awesome setup. They had a mechanical bull (you bet you bottoms I rode it *wink), Lots of chili, cocktails, and things for the kids to do. I really had a great time. It was a bunch of fire fighters having fun. Now the state troopers came by to make sure everyone was okay and also to turn the music down") On top of that when you left the party those troopers were waiting for you around the corner :), and made sure you were able to drive. Safety first. Overall it was a blast

I still have no idea what I will be for this party Friday lol. My I can do what grandma used to do to me and cut holes out of a sheet and put it over my head. maybe I can even buy one of those t-shirts that say "this is my costume" LOL. You know I thought about being a 80's rocker. maybe even a 80' rocker zombie/ vampire lol. I am dressing up Bunny and Pookie mouse for a costume contest at the apartment complex this weekend too.

I made chili and well...i need to work on it as its not the same as a certain person I know makes. Boy I would be fighting over that chili. My problem is I can't get the brown sugar and BBQ sauce down. I did eat the whole pot of chili I made. You can't let good things go to waste around my house.

Colts Texans November 1...I will be there :) cheering the boys on. I wish I wish I wish I could go to the Halloween game with the Saints and the Steelers. I am a Colts fan but this will be a good game. The Saints are not that good this year and the Steelers know. The packers Vikings game was pretty good and close. At least it wasn't like the Colts Chiefs game where the majority was nothing but field goals lol.

I am starting another business in the pet industry. I am looking at a 1000sq ft facility here in Terre Haute its in a little place called Seelyville. I am suppose to look at the place tomorrow. It used to be a day care center and it is next to a dog grooming place called clippity dog. You know I started the gym business a while back ago and to start another business again is exciting. There are steps that I will take to get me to my goal. Number one is I would like to go to a dog behavior training school. My problem with this is that I don't want to go to any school. I want to go to one that is well known and has a good image. There is so much time and effort, not to mention money in establishing a business. But in the end its well worth every effort.

So I got to buy some bdu's or cargo pants with lots of pockets and loops for the EMT class along with my book. Luckily I have a pair of Magnum boots that are still in the box for when I was going to take my motorcycle class. So that saves me a little money there :). It should be interesting. Now I need to go find some cargo and try them on before I buy them. It has to be dark blue which I'm not too crazy about as Bunny's hair sticks to things like dark colored pants lol. Oh well

On another note. My new Bengal kitten will be here this weekend. I will take pictures :) He is a show cat and boy he was not cheap. What do you think of the name Titan..or Gizmo, I will just see how he acts over he weekend and see how he will be around the other kids of mine :)