Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ruby got hit by a car this morning, and died. I love you Ruby, miss you dearly

I got a text from this morning from ex Randy, and I read it the last part saying something about ...was my friend and then the rest of the text cam in. Of course I started crying immediately as it said Ruby passed away. I called him and asked him about her and of course I was crying A LOT on the phone. He said when he was walking her this morning a car came and literally ran over her. He then told me the car took off and then finally came back. He went on talking about if it wasn't for Ruby it would have been him that would have gotten hit. The man driving feel asleep behind the wheel. Randy kept on telling me there was nothing he could do to save her life and that she wouldn't even let him touch her. This kills me. Ruby was a great dog and of course it affects me a lot as she was my best friend back at one point and I took care of her all the time. She was my baby. So my heart is sad. I can't stop crying. I wish i was there for her. I would have tried and tried to save her. Randy and his wife took her to the vet this morning to have her cremated. This hurts me a lot, and I know Ruby is in a better place....Ruby always will be in my heart. I love you Ruby and you will be greatly missed

I never like seeing anyone suffer and I wish to God I could perform miracles and save lives. I'm sorry but It hurts me so much.