Friday, October 15, 2010

No One get in the way of what of what I feel for you...

No One....this song is stuck in my head. Get it out lol. Its like the one song back in the 90's "Insane in the Membrane" I was going insane yesterday for a 2nd time now at the firehouse gym with Tiff, Jess and Lee Ann. Whew! All I was thinking in my head was this song "insane in the membrane" lol. Well, I don't know what you call it but what killed me yesterday with the workout was these pushups where you kind of like crawl sideways and then do a push up. It KILLED me. i'm determined though to conquer that exercise. :) I'm so competitive, is that a bad thing? :)

Nationals in Hot Atlanta......Good Luck Competitors. I made a few shout outs already to some of my friends. But to all of you competitors, I am so proud of you all as it takes a lot of FOCUS, DETERMINATION, PATIENCE, and HARD WORK to get there. Nationals for me brings back some great memories. TOO GREAT to be exact, and I will always cherish those moments as long as I live :) Of course my best National Level Moments was at Vegas. :)
I am so happy to hear that Zoa Lindsey is on the road to a very speedy recovery after her surgery. She is a very wonderful person and has a very good heart. She's not like many pro's I meet. :) One of a kind.

I am now getting that famous question....when are we going to see you again on stage? You will see me in 2011...I just won't tell you when :) (sticking tongue out like a bratty kid) lol.

You all know I love Bodybuilding. It has changed my life and will be a part of me till I go to that big paradise in the sky :) Its a fun hobby for me. I am now focusing on some projects in the fitness field. Speaking of which my website is going to do a 360 with a new design. I am very excited about. I am hoping it will be ready to go by mid Dec. It will be focused on personal training and seminars, mind body and spirit connection, my training with HD videos and pictures, pet fitness, kids fitness, and some other cool things.

Today I send in my registration application for the accelerated EMT course in Bloomington, IN for November. It is going to be a long LONG 14 days. Worst case scenario I will start it Dec 5th if the class is full to capacity for November. Cross your fingers. Pray for me :) To be quite honest
my big thing now is pet fitness. :) I just love animals. Which reminds me. Some of you have already seen these pictures but you will see them again here shortly in my blog:) Oh I am currently looking for a good yoga certification program too. :) If you know one short me a message on facebook or my email address. Oh I did deactivate a facebook account I had. When my main one had some "technical difficulties" I opened another one for fans. Luckily I'm one of the few that got my "technical issue" resolved. Thank you Facebook. So there is no need to have 2 FBs when I rarely go to the other.

I am fixing to make me a protein shake with mint oreo cookies and yes Peanut butter and water. Its amazing what a little hand mixer can do compared to my heavy duty blender. :) I'm going to see if I can squeeze some "welcome to the GUN show" training this afternoon. I can't believe I am actually up right now. But that's part of the routine and discipline for me.

I have a Announcement. I am welcoming a new family member. Originally I wanted to get another English Bulldog but realized one is more than I can handle :) So I thought of getting another cat. I originally wanted a Savannah F3. But I got talked out of it and into another unique breed. Well anyway here is some pictures of him. The first one is 4 weeks 2nd one is at 11 weeks later and the others are current ones of him. I have no idea what to call him. I immediately thought of Alf from the old 80's show who was known for the line "ha I kill me". His colors reminded me of him but I think he deserves a unique name. Maybe I can call him one of the greek gods since he is coming from Olympus Bengals and I love Greek mythology. What do you think his name should be. I can tell you he is a Show Bengal and has all the true qualities that make him as the breeder told me "flashy" Check out his spots. They get better as he gets older. i know they go through that fuzzy stage, and I have no idea if he is still in that stage lol :) He will be coming from Austin, Texas very soon.

Now I leave you with a picture of me holding a beautiful angel. He is soo cute. Me and Katie went over to see a god friend of ours Jill and also I have not yet seen her 2 month old baby Jackson. Now I don't look glamorous here, forgive me for looking taxed as it was a exhausting day lol. Nothing like holding a precious baby to make everything better. This one is going to get super spoiled by me. Just look how big he is and he is only two months. I know my eyes look weird but I have on colored contacts to cover those puppy eyes of mine. My eyes are glowing.
Notice the finger at the bootom of the pic lol thats katies :) The picture reminds me of an old 80s pictures. I love the 80s.