Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love is ........

a beautiful thing..well can be. I love life and yes Love is something I take seriously for things. Its powerful stuff man! This love I have won't die man.

I want to share some of the love I have by sharing these next couple of pictures. There are a few people that have deeply touch my life. Some I won't mention as thats my business and now all I can do is just suck it up lol. Others like my friend pictures below has touched my life so much.

before I do that, here's a picture of me ...I know I look a mess. LOL

I really did have a good time when I went away. I really love this lady so much. She has been a friend and mother figure to me. She is so funny and has the biggest heart I know. She will do anything for anybody. :) She is a rare gem and a one of kind and a lot of us can really learn from her. Here we are being silly. and here is another picture of an award she received for being so awesome. ( she will kill me probably if she knows I post picture)
Oh My I just love this women. Her daughter is one of the top students in Bulgaria and is now going to be studying in London.

Here's a picture of us on the beach lol

This is a random picture of KoKo the squirrel

Pookie Mouse got mad at me as I haven't mentioned her in my blog and she wanted to peep in and say hello

here are some pictures from the game. The VIP Tailgate was fun and I got to meet 4 of the colts Ex football players Roosevelt Potts, Barry Krauss, Bill Schultz and Ken Dilger. Very Nice guys. I noticed Ken had a watch on that reminded me of an Invicta watch. We were all having a conversation as the were talking about my pictures on my phone lol. So I said to Ken is that an Invicta...LOL. I looked closer at his watch and it was a Breitling. I then said "oh, its a Breitling" LOL. I told him the story about the diamond Breitling in Nassau that cost $189,000. He was telling me he is a big watch person and likes the Invicta watches and owns several. I think he said he had a total of 41 watches and 4 of those being Breitlings :). He was very cool.
Here is a picture with little ole me with the Big Boys

heres a picture of my boy BLUE. Hes soooo cute

I saw these clowns and had to get thier picture. They reminded me Blue Man group but red. or better yet red M & M's. The game was okay. It was field goals for the first 3 quarters of the game. I wasn't a happy camper. Peyton was a little off Sunday, but thats okay. We won and thats all that matters. Game over Chiefs

I think I mentioned that when I came back from Vacation I got to ride on the Airtran Colts plane. i didn't realize it till I stepped on the plane. Here's a picture

I apologize here are some pictures I took from the Terre Haute North High School game on Friday against Carmel. It was a challenging game. Carmel ranks 3rd in the state and they had about 14 coaches for the team lol. I also went to the game Saturday and it was fun to watch . it was a good game.

I am on a mission for a birthday gift. i want to get a F3 Savannah cat...Isn't this one just a cutie pie. I would so much dress mine up. She is the queen

Check out this guys kicks (shoes) Very cool.

Reggie Wayne loves the people. :) GO REGGIE


Peyton looking focused lol.

Later today I am taking Ballroom Dancing lessons. I am a little nervous but it will be fun. Oh yes I forgot to mention I went to a bonfire on Sunday courtesy of Tiffany. Then I had smores on the fire lol courtesy of Jess :) It was goooood.

In the next week I have to come up with a costume for a Halloween party on the 29th. They want me to be a buff police officer lol. I'm shyyyyyy

Well time for bed in a few hours I need to do some cardio