Sunday, October 31, 2010

Strolling Down Memory Lane

As I was enjoying my warm pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks. I thought of some old memories from Halloween with my Grandma. One of the first things I remember is that my grandmother would always put five pennies in a bag along with some candy for the kids. I would make fun of her for it but she wanted to give them an extra "bonus".

I remember my grandmother would try to be creative and make my costumes. It was fun and games but one year I remember cutting holes out of a sheet and calling myself a ghost. Now I came across this picture today and tried to figure out what the heck I was. Heck I have no idea but i got a sheet wrapped around my head and body ha ha.
I look like like I haven't slept in days lol

A very good Halloween Memory is when Halloween Horror Nights first arrived to Universal Studios. We took a BIG group of people including my grandmother. You can't beat the Pepsi can discount. :) TO make a long story short. We were all in a haunted house and a guy in a mask comes out of no where and goes BOO to my grandmother. She screams and then passes out LOL. I couldn't stop laughing. But I then got scared as you never now. I can tell you that she got wheeled out in a wheelchair and put in the ambulance. She was fine. I do know that we got tickets to come back and we also got VIP passes for front of the line. We came back that evening lol. Grandma gets a little scared sometimes. You should have seen her in my car when I drove the mustang. She was always screaming especially when I hit the gas. ha ha.

Well 'No Name" the Bengal kitten is a terror lol....he is tearing me apart ha ha. He loves chewing on my wires TV, Laptop, anything with get the picture. I made a stop at pets mart and picked up bitter yuck which stops the chewing. I'm sorry but this stuff enhanced the chewing for this little mischeif cat. I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and that little guy chews and chews and chews. I will figure something out. Now I am happy he is using the litter box. I think I may call him splash as when he uses the bathroom that all he does is "splashing" everywhere. Its not a fun cleanup and does it ever stink. One problem I do have is since I use pine for him and not the clay like I do pookie its hard for me to spot where he went tinkle LOL. He loves to cuddle and will come up and curl next to you.

So tonight I went to a haunted house that is held every year by the Terre Haute Humane Society and It is very good for Terre Haute. Very family oriented and just plain fun and it serves a very good cause. I got scared a few times lol. Isabelle the cowardly scaredy cat. ha ha. After wards I went to 7th & elm to eat a little appetizer and watch some of the game Saints vs Steelers. Tomorrow I will be at the game Colts Texans..ITS GONNA BE GOOD. This is a very critical game for us. I will be in the lower end zone :) should be interesting.