Monday, November 1, 2010

The Sherriff came to Town and gave the Texans the boot back to Texas

34e2Sorry Texans...IT JUST WAS NOT YOUR NIGHT! Your Rangers lost the series, the Texans to the Colts...Och! . It was a good game due to Peyton Manning. Wow..He was on FIRE!! LOL. I loved the Peyton Manning block moment. He's by far the best quarterback of all time. On Halloween, when I was with my friends at 7th & Elm restaurant, there was a guy that had a Dallas Clark Jersey on. I looked at him again and I said.."that man looks like Dallas Clark, and he seriously did. I love Dallas Clark :) I was soooo close to asking him for a picture. You know I have to brag to my friends saying I got a picture with Dallas Clark Lol. I backed out from the photo opp

Well I am tired......Nite nite