Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sore and loving it

Give me a moment......I need to.....stop laughing....
There's a guy over here in Starbucks blowing his nose and each time he does it sounds like a trumpet lol. He can be on Americas Got Talent. Gosh that was funny as a couple of people jumped and then some were giggling like me. Now if I can only tell this lady across the room to turn down the volume as I'm sure a lot of us don't really want to hear her phone conversation about her bowel movements lol..

From my grueling workout the last few days except yesterday as it was a "I'm very sore and I can't move" holiday for yours truly. I worked myself till the fat lady sang and yesterday I felt the after affects. I'm still feeling the pain but I will be venturing my happy sore, can barely walk, sit and move my arms to the gym today. Despite the soreness, I also have had a very bad sore throat for the last 2 weeks. I'm a mute as it hurts sometimes to talk. I'm sure a lot of you are happy about the fact I can't open my mouth and say a few words lol never mind. No worries tough as I am still keeping my bubbly self going and smiling. I could be on my death bed and I will still be a happy go lucky self.

Guess who is going to volunteer a few times at the Colts training camp :).....well I'm in if we even have a training camp that is due to all this lockout hoopla.

Looking very forward to NPC Indiana's biggest show , the NPC Indiana State and the HOOOOSIER Classic. Lots of competitors which means a heavy workload for the judges. Sadly this is the last Indiana show  for the rest of the year. *sigh* We will have a blast and make the best of it.

I might as well throw this out there while I'm sitting here bloggin. I plan to attend a few National shows which you can count me in for Nationals. Not to mention I will be attending a couple Pro shows like the Master Olympia Dec 10 in Miami. I can't miss that one. $100,000 is on the line. The Masters Olympia was started in the early 90s and was discontinued after 2003. I'm hearing all types of big names being thrown into this competition. I admit yes I am a geek and yes I do have a shirt that says "geek" lol. I like my Star Wars, Transformers, Mac products, technology, and all that other hoopla. But when it comes to bodybuilding I love to collect old memorabilia or old magazines. Its amazing how much bodybuilding has evolved. If I had an era to choose where I could live the "bodybuilder" dream it would be in the late 70s to early 90s. Huge difference between then and now. Lots of massive Titans, that are just unreal. There is nothing like a beautiful flowing symmetrical body. Just gorgeous to look at from head to toe. I remember going on eBay and looking up Olympia and believe or not someone actually was selling a Sandow from the Mr. Olympia. I couldn't believe it and silly me I missed the opportunity. I wont see that again.

As for myself. I am currently prepping Arnold Classic but as we all know you have to be invited to it. It doesn't hurt to try. I do have one person behind me that is goign to be a good guide in my corner. They are more an an artist and can do wonders with a physique.  I have changed my normal routine with off season dieting and decided to go back to organics and whole foods. The change has made a big difference as right now I am currently 169lbs and of course as I said before usually I am in the 185+ range.  You can see that in past blogs lol. I mean business and take training and dieting seriously. I really enjoy the competitive edge especially in bodybuilding. I love competition pretty much in anything LOL...I've had that drive since I was a young. If your a close friend you know what I am talking about.
No worries I will keep you posted and you can always check out the Facebook too
Well I need to sort a few things out at school ttyl