Friday, July 8, 2011


Wanted to tell everyone thank you for your support, prayers, thoughts, and encouraging words with my mothers health. It really meant a lot to me and my mother as I put together all the responses and she was greatly touched by them. She is so so right now. I've been trying to do things to lift her spirits up and not think about anything. Ez Rent a car, who always takes care of me put me into a black Dodge Challenger with under 400 miles lol. I thought that was very very nice of them. Thank you for the hook up and mom is really digging it and grandma had to drive It makes me happy that I can be here for my mother and do whatever i can to make her happy. It makes me very happy to see her smile and not think or stress about her situation. I won't lie she is a hand full lol....TRUST ME.. hahaha
Of course I had to stop by Vitamin Shoppe and pick up some protein for the big adventure coming up

Well we Mom myself and my sister all took a power nap earlier and now we are packing up the cooler and going to drive out to the cape for the last Shuttle Launch. There is a very good chance it won't launch today but I am willing to take that risk and to be with my mother and sister means a lot to me Especially my mom being by my side. I love her to death.

On another note I look forward to a few moments of the day where I get bubbly and giggly as I get nice little spontaeous hi/hellos here and there from a good friend. It really brightened my day yesterday as its always spontaneous and unexpected. I never know when its gonna happen but when it does ....**SMILE** Makes me all happy lol. and tingly....J/k. its to now I am thought of. :) *hugs*

Before I go I wanted to post a couple pictures from the Exotic Feline rescue center located in Brazil, IN very cool place and my friend took me here and I was truly touch by seeing the felines and the stories behind how each one got there really breaks your heart.