Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun Times with a Airplane Experience I will never forget

Me and mommy. She wanted me to tell you all thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Of course we butt heads...shes mom and you know how that goes. I helped her put her garden together and then we had a girls night out at the house. Then of course me and sissy being our silly selves. She will be with me in a few weeks. Can't wait
sissy and me. Batman and Robin

On another note for the last 2 days I got to ride a Triumph Rocket 3 which is pretty darn cool for a motorcycle. I had a blast and got a tan too lol. Then Heres something cool. I had a thing for airplanes and simply think they are awesome. I actually plan on taking flying lessons either in Terre Haute or in Orlando. I just love planes. A good friend of mine who is awesome took me to Orlando International Airport to get up close and personal with a few big powerful birds courtesy, of Continental and United. I got to see several planes and do some pretty cool things. I also got  to see a 737 800 gutted. That was cool seeing what a plane looks like taken apart. I learned alot not to mention I got to sit in the Captains seat.

Can you see me on the wing lol

a small engine

and a bigger one below lol

The new landing gear being installed

Captains seat and guess whos flying the

A very beautiful yet expensive plane