Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Penny...Two Penny ...Three Penny..........

and I am starting out my morning fresh and rejuvenated. I justoi got done taking a yoga class and it was incedible. I feel a load off my shoulders Yesterday I trained my least favorite body part..legs. It's been a long time since I really trained legs a little intense. Now yesterdays workout can't hang with my past leg training as thise training moments were insane. But I did have a blast here yesterday. I used to normally do leg press going up to 15-16 plates of 45 on each side. Yesterday I did 26 plates total. I was proud but was hurting after the workout. I really am picking up the pace and last night I was going to take a ab shot and body shot for you guys but I'm gonna wait.

The Indiana State and Hoosier Muscle was a good show and we had some pretty close calls in some of the mens classes. We also had 2 engagements take place too. One of them I won't mention his name started doing his posing routine and then walked off the stage onto the audience and I thought he was gonna do something crazy (we have had that a few times). Well the guy asked his girl to marry him and then he came back on and trophies were awarded for that class. This guy was in two divisons and he didnt win the first one and when the 2nd round came for him.......guess what, he was no where to be found or as we like to say missing in action. My guess is he got upset with his placing and decided to be party pooper about it. I can't stand attitudes like that. Oh well.... It happens at some of these contest. I don't get it.

Moving on....the 2nd porposal was soo cute and his name is Joey and he won the entire show. He looked awesome and he is doing USAs this weekend. I really think he is going to bring "shock and awe" to Vegas. Anyway, he is a really cool guy. Congrats to Joey and his finace as they make a magical pair. Love is a powerful thing especially when you get that special kind of love that bonds you. Congrats again on the engagement my friend

It was our last show and I had a blast. I met so many wonderful people and competitors. Not to mention a few Facebook friends. I did go to St. Elmos Steakhouse the Friday before, which was awesome except that fact my steak was medium when I wanted medium rare lol. I didn't care as the steak was so good. I would go again and again. I will be helping the Red Cross with National Night out at Fairbanks park. Its going to be busy especially with this heat. Last year was pretty cool. I hope some of you can come out. Next month will be nice as st lucia st kitts barbados st martin and st thomas as calling my name. Now later.in the year i will be paying my Carnival friend a few visits out of Miami. You know I love food:) and getting a dark tan not to mention the ocean and most importantly seeing my funny friend. I just did abs so its meal time later its biceps and shoulders....booooooo Gooooooo Colts. ....Im so excited we have FOOTBALL again