Monday, October 1, 2007

Waiting here in Houston till I board for OKC

Wow!! So I had a awesome morning >:(
My flight was to leave at 7:20 am. I got to the airport at 5:30am. I walked up to the ticket counter gave the lady my confirmation #, id, etc. Well, she tells me that I need my buddy pass. I am like HUH???. Apparently it was the pass that my friend gave me to fly. I also needed to bring it with me the day of flight/check in. I wish she would have told me that in advanced. I got annoyed as I hate it when things don't go as planned. I looked around for other flights which where about 700.00 a ticket. I didn't care paying that as this is something that is for my best interest. But something told me to be patient. I missed my flight and the other option was to go on the 10 am flight and not get into OKC till 3pm. The other problem was my food. I didn't bring much with me as I had planned to be in OKC around 10 45 am. Now I don't get there till 3pm. SO I have to try and survive haha. Lets say I feel really great, especially only getting 3 hours of sleep haha. Security was fun too. AS many times as I fly I don't have I did. lol. The TSA guy looks at my ticket and says to me "you have been randomly selected". For a minute I thought he was going to say "you have won a million dollars" and of course the balloons, and confetti will shower down, etc. In my dreams lol.
So I get searched, and my bags get searched. I took my jacket off and i am wearing a short tee shirt. So then all eyes pop. the TSA guy that was searching my bags was very nice and made me feel better as we talked about the Olympia and the placings. You know I cried when Ronnie was talking and everyone was going nuts. I am a huge fan of Ronnie as he has come a long way and made the impossible possible. God bless him. I also cried when Joe Weider came out with his wife Betty. He is sooo sweet. I'd give anything to turn back the clock and body build in that era just to be around him and people like Joe Gold. Sorry I just had to say that real quick.
So anyways,I found some good protein sources like eggs and chicken breast. I wasn't going to let my muscles starve. Its bad enough i was sick for a week lol. SO 10 am i get on the plane and go all the way to the back as in Southwest your not assigned seats and you can choose where to sit. I'm in a great seat, and then this lady sits next to me. Okay I have no problem with that. But she then had this huge cooler which she tried to get under the seat and obviously it was too big. Then she complained about it. In my mind I wanted to blow my top, I was cool and made a joke with her about it. So then she puts a whole ton of her stuff in the middle seat. I got mad but still kept my cool. I passed out and woke up later on. Then i saw the flight attendee walking around passing out drinks. So I was hungry and got my chicken breast I had bought at the airport. It was horrible. haha :P Okay so the lady next to me starts talking to me. She asks me if she can have my crackers and peanuts. I was like I'm sorry what did you I have been passed out, and have no idea about crackers and peanuts. She then looked down and I saw in the middle seat peanuts and crackers next to all her bags of food. I said you can have it. Man, she grabbed that bag of crackers so fast. haha. I thought that was funny, as she had all these other foods she was eating. I thought I was hungry.
Well anyway, I am here in Houston and will leave shortly for OKC. Right now I could been training already and getting my ass kicked around.haha. Good things come to those who wait. ;) I just cant wait to get to OKC