Saturday, September 29, 2007

1.5 days before OKC

Real quick! did an awesome job on the web cast last night with the Olympia coverage. Cant wait to see who will be crowned Mr. Olympia. Now I got to give him credit for giving it all his best, but Ronnie Coleman was a real shock for me. I am a huge fan of his, and I admit I was hoping he was going to be in his best condition. Jay Cutler looked great, love his rear lat spread. I feel that Jay will again be victorious, but I really liked what Victor Martinez brought. He had it all! Congrats to Mrs. Olympia Iris Kyle. Her conditioning is always spot on, and every year she gets better and better. Heather and Dyanna where my favorites. Awesome physiques. Dyanna of course is way over due for the Mrs. O crown.

SO I have 1.5 days before I leave on my long flight to OKC. I am very nervous, and I have no idea whats in store for me. Now for an update, for the past week I have been very sick. It started out with a cold and then a stomach flu. It was horrible. I couldn't hold food down at all. I didn't train or do anything for a few days. That killed Lets just say I deflated real My weight dropped a lot. Okay enough of that. Well now I am getting better and my weight is picking back up, as I can hold food down again. I am going to train and do my aerobics today and see how I do. Being the die hard bodybuilder I am. I am frustrated as I lost a lot of energy and it will affect my workouts in the next couple of days. GRRRRR

But you know i am going to push myself to total failure and i will deal with the pain and suffering. As this is what I have to do. Howard is going to check my body fat, weight and see where I am. Not looking forward to that. lol.

not much longer till Dallas. 7 more fun weeks of pain.haha

Before I go, I need to locate my father. We lost contact a few years ago as we are not on good terms..haha. The last time I talked to him he was very sick. SO I have no idea how he is. he has been on my mind from time to time, and I just want to make sure he is okay.
His name is Frank Vasquez and he lives In Tampa, FL. He used to train at Golds Gym( I don't know which one). He is about 5'5-5'6, talks with a lisp, he walks with a limp, his age is around 48 or so. He is also a bodybuilder, has tattoos on his arms, dark complexion, reddish brown hair. He was also in the army for a long time in Germany.

I miss him a lot. If you know who he is please contact me at