Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ladies in the Industry Beware of this photogragher

Here is an email I received today. It was in my spam folder so go figure. Anyway, apparently the guy claims to have done work for Bill Dobbins and it is false as I know Bill personally and asked him about the guy. When I first read this email I immediately thought this guy was just trying to to lure girls in however he can .

So please beware of this guy, or any person for that matter that makes false claims.

Here is the email

Hi, I am Robert Kershner professional photographer, I’ve been into fine art photography for years
but lately I am focused in female fitness and bodybuilder photos.
I made some woks for ftvideo, oxygenmag, ironmagazine and some unpublished shoots for Bill Dobbins.
And because of the high demand I am always needed of models.
I see that you are into muscle stuff and maybe you are interested in some shoot.
Hope you write me back.
and don't forget to visit my site:
Rob K.