Friday, May 25, 2007

KEEP IT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday was not too much of an exciting day. I had to have a wisdom tooth extracted, and some other work done. I can tell you I was in a lot of pain and to be honest I am scared of when I see the dentist pick up his working tools. It reminds me of something out of the medieval ages. So for a few days I needed rest. I think my body was happy I gave it a few days rest too! I caught up some paperwork and watched shows like Ali G the series, and Ali G in da house. It was soooo funny. I laughed my butt off. So in anything you do, remember to keep it real.

Prep is good, I am trying to keep my weight up. I was 163 lbs the other day. I don't want to get to lean too fast, and this is something that I tend to do. On top of that all the pictures you have seen I have not been doing hardly any cardio. Only 40 mins a day. So I have been excited that I stood at 169-171 lbs. But since this week, with a minor change in diet due to Tuesday. I added in some more carbohydrates like sweet potato with cinnamon.......mmmmmm. It helped my weight kick back up. ;)

Training in gyms recently, I have been dealing with some distractions. I am blessed to have my own gym when I want privacy. I have the all the cardio pieces I need, great equipment and a lot of unique attachments fr those extra kicks. I can go when ever I want and I can wear whatever I want. So I can train in my pajamas if I want too ;). Which I have done. I even remember last year for te North American, I would spend te night there a few times just to make sure I get what I had to get done. That gym is my little deserted island. LOL. To get to my piont, I am always stopped in the middle of my workouts. People just want to sit there and talk to me. I dont think as many times as I have explained it do they realize the importance of every bit of my time in the gym. A couple of people got offended because I didn't give them the attention they wanted. When I go to the gym, that is my time to train and train hard. I have to be focused and most of all I have to give whatever it is I am training all of my attention. I have people walk up to me, for example, as I am lifting heavy in the middle sof my set or right when I got my game face on and ready to begin the exercise and they just stand there expecting me to stop. I used to stop, but now I have to do what I have to do. I keep going and tell them I will catch them later.

Then there are certain men in my gym that feel that women aren't meant to have muscles. So I tend to get those "who does she think she is" looks. It doesn't bother me what these people think of female bodybuilding. It is an art that is a remarkable sport. I am so proud that I am a part of it.

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