Friday, May 18, 2007

Great News!!!!

I wanted to thank Rich for the great web design he did on the website. The members section looks great with a whole lot of content added. I just love the blue it really just catches my attention. Rich has put alot of time into the design. I deeply apperciate his work. There are still some needs that are not quite finish yet but what we have so far is awesome.

If you notice on the Bio there are a few tweaks that need to be fix. I am 27 not 25, and I did a few more contest that need to be added. My curent bicep stat is 16. qith a good pump 16.5 to right below the 17inch mark if i got a really good pump going on LOL

i have been on Herbiceps cam and I have had a great ime on there meeting fans and admirers of the sport.

Okay here is a countdown pic this was taken a few days ago. AS of today my weight is 170 lbs. I cant believe how much muscle I gained.WOOHOO.

***Warning*** this picture contains Isabelle on a bad hair day lol.