Friday, June 8, 2007

Resting on the couch and this happened

My veins started coming out. I took a picture today while I was relaxing for a moment.

Some people think veins are gross, well not me. I find them to be sexy :)

As you know i had problems in thegym with people bothering me. So I completely switched my routine where I train when NO ONE is around which is very early in the morning. I love it!!! its so nice to go in and not have to worry about interuptions. I also train at another gym away from the Golds Gym during the day. I walk in and people watch, and follow me. Its nice and all, but I DONT really have the time for it. I know it may seem harsh, but you have to understand my time is very limited. My diet is good for the most part. I get so excted when I have my carb meals, and dont let anyone come near me when i have my carb meal. I will bite your head off. i want to savor the taste and enjoy the carbs goin in my mouth. LOL I

lick the plates clean. hehe. Its nice that everything is going smoothly right now. I dont know where I will weigh in at. I am 158.5 lbs right now. and i think we still have 7 weeks or so to go. Not 100 % sure as I am not really counting. i am just staying very positive and following my plan. Here is some exciting news. I get to have a cheat day. YEAH!!!!!!!!

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