Saturday, May 12, 2007

Progress Pics

took pictures last night and I my weight is going around 169-171lbs ;) Of course I want to keep my fans updated because you all have been a great support to me and bodybuilding. It amazes me how much I have progressed over the years. It was very late in the gym, so bear with me on my tired looks lol. Everything else is good I am doing Webcam on it whas been alot of fun, met so many wonderful people. here are some cam pictures. You can view my Bio on Herbicepscam at

I have had alot of request for private chat. I can do a private chat where you can watch me pose and show my progress for my contest preparation for the show. I love fans and want to show them how much abodybuilding means to me. To show my passion I pose and show off muscular features and shape. You can send me a payment through paypal at

$20 mins for 50.00

Please send me a emai so we can set up a date and time.

And now my pictures from last night at the GYM.

By request i had some people ask for forearm and leg vein shots . Cant wait to see what the thunderstorm will bring in a few more weeks