Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Got to Get This Off My Mind

I am always amazed with the sport of female bodybuilding. If you don't already know, I love this sport and I will not let it go easy ....ever.

If you think you know me, my physique, training methods, etc., THINK AGAIN!!!! LOL I am VERY competitve in anything I do, and if you want to turn pro in this sport you have to put in the time and the hours. I dont have time to sit here and worry about who is in my class, what my weight is, what so and so looks right now. I find it childish. What matters is that morning for the few minutes you get on that stage the day of the show. As for now I have to wait a long 10 weeks till that.

On another note..I am excited to be competeting in the usa's and it seems alot of other competators are excited that I am copmpeting too. All I have to say is I WILL be putting up a good show. AS I am hungry.

When I want to achieve something I put my heart and soul into it and go from there.

Here is the last shows I did with 3 successful and 1 that was my fault becuase I wasn't focus and not in my zone

2003 Excalibur- overall
2004 nationals -170 lbs 9th heavy weight
2006 Southern usa overall
2006 North American 1st light heavy

When I put my mind to something I do it. I look at my fbb competitions like the Olympics. I have to put alot of hours in and I have to give the best package I can.

I want to end saying that I am very passionate about this sport and I am hungry to compete on a Pro level. I want to say thank you again to my fans, frieds and family for believing in me and in my dreams.