Monday, April 30, 2007

it is starting to happen

I noticed over the past few days my legs have been begining to show veins. I took a picture today in a relaxed state to show my veins slightly trying to show themselves. My veins come out sometimes and then hide again. Its good to know its starting to happen. I give myself a few weeks for the full vein effect. I am such a vein fan. I find them to be sexy.

I want to give a shout out to Elena Seiple who has been a real friend in motivating me for the show. I can't even begin to tell you guys how excited I am for her this year. Whatever show she choses to do, I think we all know that it will be her show for the taking. She is an amazing person and bodybuilder and a great friend. I hope she will come to Vegas! Elena and I hae to go shopping together as we both love ot shop. ;) Also I want to say congrats to her client that won the lightheavy weight class at the Jr.USAs.

I had the opportunity to shoot with Tre Scott of Femflex and meet the fabulous Monica Mollica. She has a nice physique. I wish she would compete this year as she would do very well. She has so much potential. I think what really blew me away about Monica is that she is a nutritionist from Sweden, an author, and a conributing writer to magazines. Be on the lookout for Mrs. Mollica.

lastly I wnt to say that I will be doing webcam on Herbiceps, so check me out.

I was playing around on the little trampoline. i was having way to much fun! hey I like to have fun and enjoy life what can I say. You got to make the best of it. it was so fun jumping.